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[casi] National Press Conference on Depleted Uranium with Doug Rokke,Ph.D.

The AUDIO (mp3) is available from yesterday's National call-in press
conference on 'depleted' uranium with Doug Rokke, Ph.D.

Traprock Peace Center hosted the press conference with particpants from
Washington, DC; New York State; North Carolina; South Dakota, Oregon and
Massachusetts. The entire press conference is available for free for
download (an mp3 file). Go to for information and a
link to the mp3 download.

More information:

Traprock Peace Center hosted this national call-in press conference with
Doug Rokke, Ph.D. on 'depleted' uranium, which has been used by US, UK and
Australian troops in the Iraq War.

Dr. Rokke made a number of startling revelations. Over 221,000 veterans from
Gulf I are on permanent disability. Now, soldiers are coming back sick. DU
is suspected as a cause. He goes into details about how the soldiers who
went to the Gulf were ill-trained and ill-equipped to deal with radioactive
munitions. These munitions cause a radioactive and highly toxic dust when

US, UK and Australian troops have spread this radioactive material widely in
Iraq, to the long term detriment of Iraqi civilians and coalition soldiers
as well. This spreading of radioactive contamination in Iraq is something
that the US could not have done in the US without violating environmental
and health laws.

Participating in the press conference were:

Doug Rokke, Ph.D., former Director of the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium (DU)
Project in the aftermath of the Gulf War; Vietnam and Gulf War veteran.

Sunny Miller - Moderator, Traprock Peace Center,
Andrew Stelzer, WBOO, Portland, OR
Elizabeth Christanson, WRBO, Syracuse, NY
Jon Hunt, The Fuse, Boone, NC
Jean Koster, South Dakota Sun
Mike Zmolek, National Network to End the War Against Iraq,

Dr. Rokke spoke on the road, as he is in the start of a 3 state Summer Tour
on 'Depleted' Uranium through August 10. The tour is organized by Traprock
Peace Center and local hosts. More information on the tour is available at

The tour continues in September with mainly mid-west and west-coast dates.
Groups wishing to host Doug Rokke or media wishing to interview him should
call Sunny Miller at 413-773-7427.

In mid-October, Dr. Rokke will present at the World Uranium Weapons
Conference in Hamburg. Get more information, with valuable links to
resources on DU at

Traprock's home page has recent items on 'depleted' uranium. It's main
resource page on DU, with links to other resources, is found at

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