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[casi] 'A Trojan Horse in Iraq'

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†Jordan Times. †

Jordanian Perspective

'A Trojan horse in Iraq'

Musa Keilani
† †
AS FAR AS the US is concerned, it is only a matter of fighting off charges
that Washington had resorted to deception in waging war against Iraq to
topple Saddam Hussein and trying to make sure that the charges do not pose
threats to the chances of reelection next year of President George W. Bush.
The same scenario is enacted in London by the Labour government of Prime
Minister Tony Blair.
Regardless of all protestations, a majority in the world today believe that
both Bush and Blair misled the international community in their anxiety to
wage war against Iraq and start nothing else but an era of neo-colonialism.
No matter what anyone in the world has to say about the issue, neither Bush
nor Blair would ever concede that they had actually set the goal of war
against Iraq a fait accompli and worked backwards, thus making sure that the
way would not end up anywhere but in war.
Blair now says it doesn't matter that Iraq has/had no weapons of mass
destruction, but that the country needed to be liberated from Saddam
Hussein's reign and, if anything, the world should thank him and Bush for
having accomplished this goal.
It is an insult to us, in the Middle East, to hear Bush and Blair coming up
with all kinds of lame arguments and thumping their chests to reiterate,
albeit implicitly, that it did not matter whether Saddam had weapons of mass
destruction, had links with Al Qaeda and posed a threat to the region, and
indeed the world, and that what mattered was his dictatorial and oppressive
reign over his people.
In all fairness, it might have been a blessing for the people of Iraq to see
the last of the Saddam regime. Or at least that is the impression one gets
from Western media reports from postwar Iraq. However, few in the Arab world
could watch silently and do nothing about the way the occupation forces are
going about ruling Iraq. They are subjecting the people of Iraq to a
treatment similar to that of Israel versus the Palestinians. It is safe to
conclude that the occupation forces would become increasingly brutal in
their approach to Iraq, as Iraqi guerrillas, controlled by Saddam or
otherwise, step up their attacks against foreign soldiers occupying their
It is laughable to hear Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz saying that
the US could not have foreseen the collapse of law and order in postwar Iraq
and blaming remnants of the Saddam regime for the mounting sense of
insecurity among Iraqis.
Such comments are adding insult to injury to the Arab masses at large, who
are agonising over what they see as nothing but indifference on the part of
the occupation authorities to the mounting problems of the Iraqi people.
How could any Arab watch without comment scenes from Iraq which show foreign
soldiers treating Iraqis with nothing but contempt and suspicion? Who gave
the Americans and their allies the right to invade a country, topple its
regime and occupy it, trying, in the bargain, to change the very identity of
that country? Our frustration grows all the more when we consider the rich
history, culture and heritage of Iraq that are ignored by the occupation
forces. Iraq is a source of pride for all Arabs and it is painful to see its
people being kicked around by a bunch of ≥burger-culture≤ soldiers.
We know that many things are being cooked behind the scenes in Iraq to
reshape the country to suit Israeli interests. Had it not been for American
fears of Arab outcry, we would have seen Israel making no effort at
concealing the dispatch of its soldiers and experts to help the Americans in
Iraq. After all, aren't the Israelis the world's best experts in occupation
and in means to deal with local resistance? If we don't see and hear of the
Israeli presence in Iraq today, it is only because the US and Israel have
taken extreme pains to conceal the presence away from the media.
It would at best be naive for us to imagine the US keeping Israelis away
from Iraq as a matter of principle. The Arab world knows that one of the
main motivations for the illegal war against Iraq was to serve Israeli
What we now have in Iraq is a Trojan horse, but its belly is transparent. It
will be systematically used by the occupation forces and their Israeli
allies to strike deep at the core of the Arab world with a view to
undermining Arab interests and whatever the Arabs believe in.
Sunday, July 20, 2003

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