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[casi] Re: Sinbad film ignores Iraqi roots

Justin - not sure about release date of the film in the UK. Unfortuantely cannot join in as I am in 
Prague making another Hollywood production. Hope all is well. - Chris

In a message dated 7/18/2003 5:24:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Dear friends,
> I was shocked to see that the new cartoon version of Sindiband, “Sinbad and the Legend of the 
>Seven Seas” completely strips this Iraqi hero of his identity and makes him an Graeco-Roman 
>clone of Odyseus based in Sicily not Baghdad.
> See National Geographic
> Hollywood has missed an huge opportunity to showcase some of the culture of Iraq and humanise 
>Iraqis to the American population. More seriously, this is really cultural theft, turning an 
>famous arab character into Brad Pitt.
> Would anyone like to organise some pickets of the film. We may have missed it’s UK premier (not 
>sure), but perhaps there are some industry events, or screenings in Leicester Square where we 
>could protest?
> More positively, perhaps a real Iraqi version of Sindiband could be produced. Does anyone know if 
>there was any Iraqi film industry under Saddam, or does anyone know any Iraqi
> exiles involved in movies?
> Regards,
> Justin Alexander
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