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[casi] PDMIN - End of Story?

Dear All,

I posted some info, for the List, on PDMIN, last night, following the query.
There is, I have discovered, vast amounts on the net. E.g. several very
informative articles, which I had trouble in forwarding. However, I'll give
a few snippets of basic information, then you can do with it what you will
(unless something else has become flavour of the month, by now).

PDMIN, or Pacific Disaster Management Information Network, is - so it seems
- a vastly recourced US military institution, based in Hawaii, ?50th State &
since many years a powerful US military/naval centre ("Let's Remember Pearl
Harbour" - but in WWII, Hawaii wasn't a US state!). Here a quote from Robin
Hayden, (Public Relations Manager), an article written in 2000 (PDMIN, I
understand was founded ca 1995): "PDMIN aims to foster open source
information exchange and sharing between civilian and military
organisations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations,
international organizations and the like. To accomplish this goal, PDMIN's
efforts are directed toward creating and promoting an environment that is
conducive to the open exchange of information. The main objective is to fill
information gaps between various organizations and agencies in these
operations for better coordination and execution." - I believe, from the web
information, that the Hawai centre is something like a (military)
university, with training workshops, seminars etc. I get the impression it
is a very well-established, well resourced (libraries, courses etc.)
institute. It may go against the grain, at least for some in CASI, to
cooperate with this kind of establishment, which, no doubt, has links with
the Pentagon. One might ask,
would such exchanges be at all useful, or would it be too much of a
double-edged sword?

If of any use, here is the address: PDMIN, Tripler Army Medical Center, 1
Jarrett White Road (MCPA - DM), Tripler AMC, Hawaii, USA 96859 - 5000.  -

To establish any serious, meaningful, dialogue - if so desired -  a polite,
non-abusive approach may be the best way forward (put the fire & brimstone
aside!). - But, I'm not advocating such a contact, I've no idea whether or
not it might be productive. So please don't shoot the messenger! Aloha!

Greetings,   Bert G.

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