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[casi] Re: Urgent Request that you Prevent Rwanda Redux

Once more you show contempt for the citizen by refusing to answer, leaving me
with no recourse except the listservs and media.

I must conclude that you are too frightened and self censoring to care enough
even about American kids to work to save the lives of "enemy kids".  How sad.
Perhaps you were human beings once, not just mindless killers in suits.
I guess you don't go to hospitals to see infants die because of the greed of
corporations that you serve. Eichmann would be proud, but your parents and
children must be deeply ashamed. And you too must ultimately face death and ask
did you blow it?

   Don't worry, I won't write you again. Foolishly optimistic of me to think
that anyone who worked for the State Department gave a damn about kids--theirs
or ours. Guess you are too busy creating terrorism so you can fight it,
Lockhead-Martin can make its billions, and you get a  promotion.

      Well, your plans may be jeopardized by the fact your lies to enable the
latest slaughter in Iraq are unraveling and with the ruin of the American middle
class, it may be you good servants of the weapons industry who end up at in the
dock with the other enablers of genocide.

         We Americans are beginning to  see through your self-serving lies. We
do not admire you, but fear and dread you and view you as a curse on what
remains of the Bill of Rights. Try reading today's USA Today. For the first time
I think it's not hopeless to I send them a letter to the editor -- this note to
you--  since they clobbered your evil, lying  boss*, maybe they will print this.

   *now the world knows what Albright looks like in black face, wearing pants.

     I hope you change from being 21st centry baby killers to decent human
OM Mani padme hum.

p.s. to my friends working  to end the slaughter of children in the name of
greed, I'd appreciate your feedback. I'm for  experimenting. Some say we should
continue to  speak politely with these killers in stripped suits. I've tried
that any get nothing back, so I'm trying a more direct approach.

" Tom Nagy, Ph.D." wrote:

> Dear U.S. Embassy,
>    I have received no response. Does the Dept. of State hold citizens in
> such low esteem, that it will not respond to letters? I'll wait a day or two
> then submit this as an op ed., hopefully with your reply.
> " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." wrote:
> > Dear U.S. Embassy,
> >
> > Rwanda genocide  redux is now upon us. Yes, some  details are
> > different, but the primary detail, enabling genocide by denying
> > genocide,
> > is the same.   This time getting safe water even to Iraqi infants is
> > just not a high enough priority so WHO and UNICEF report outbreaks of
> > cholera and a massive 250% increase in diarrhea -- death for infants
> > without electrolytes and safe water, but life otherwise.
> >
> >         In Rwanda, recall, getting General Dellaire the light personnel
> > carriers was not high priority for the U.S. government. So, the machines
> >
> > that would have prevented the genocide arrived just AFTER the genocide
> > ran its course. Also, as is shown in the declassified documents in the
> > genocide book by Susan Power, the word "genocide" was not permitted to
> > be spoken by U.S. government edict in connection with Rwanda till
> > Clinton and "I was just following orders" Albright apologized years
> > later.
> >
> >           What will it take the US embassy in Rwanda  to sound the
> > alarm, to
> > demand that the U.S. government stop   letting the infants  die for the
> > policy
> > "low priority for safe water relative to saving the oil" See the USAID
> > RFP to Pappa George's company. Water is mentioned at about p. 30 if
> > memory serves!
> >
> >         The worst part of the Holocaust for me is that the children were
> >
> > selected for death NOT spared. The worst part of the present U.S. policy
> > that is
> > continuing right now  is that the policy of low priority, not Nazi
> > doctors,  selects the Iraqi babies  for death by waterborne disease.
> >
> >       Even you  put a value of zero on the life of Iraqi children,
> > killing even  more of Iraqi infants (the method does not matter to the
> > parents) does not safeguard our children, rather  it endangers them.
> >
> > In desperation and hope and asking for your prayers and action,
> > tom
> > Om mani padme hum.
> >
> >
> >
> > For details please enter the terms
> >
> > Epidemiological surveillance Iraq
> >
> > in
> >
> > and scroll to the bottom of my website for the 50 page chapter to be
> > published in Fall, 2003, in London. Ch 1 is by Prof. Falk of Princeton
> > so either the editors and publishers goofed, or there is some merit to
> > my arguments.
> >
> > Finally to see that this is policy, not accident, enter
> >
> > "Strategic Attack" 2-1.2
> >
> > and
> >
> > Rizer Iraq bombing
> >
> >
> > in Google to get it straight from the military.
> >
> > See esp. p1, par 2 of Rizer and weep and act.
> >
> > Hoping for the curtest of a genuine reply, not a form letter,
> > tom
> >
> >
> > p.s. I hope to be testifing before Sen. Gregg Committee soon re the
> > nomination of
> > Dr. Pipes. I sincerely hope I can say the the U.S. embassy choose to
> > protect  life, rather than condemning infants to agonizing death as it
> > did in the Rwandan genocide.
> > At least, the Rwandan babies may have died quickly; death from
> > dehydration is slow...
> > Please follow your conscience and humanity.
> >
> >
> >

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