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Re: [casi] Re: Re Update of Continued H20Borne disease impact

Dear Bert and List,

    Thanks to all like Bert who have helped and I hope that I can call again for
your help. Again, if anyone knows of any reliable post-invasion disease
survellance data, I would be infinitely grateful to receive it. Will send what I
found soon.

    My life is all too common for the 20th century.  Will be publishing a
chapter in a book put out by Pluto Press in 9/03. My chapter is at the very
bottom of my web site,

The first part of my chapter  goes into my motives which derive from having been
born during an air raid in W.W.II and being a refuge/displaced person from
'45-'49 when two failed politicians, Trueman & Stalin managed to  stay in office
with their brilliant, mutual (perhaps unconscious) cooking up of the cold war
(IMHO -- am just a lowly amateur historian).  The other factor is that after  I
came to the conclusion that the Criminal Justice System was hugely more criminal
than the official criminals (IMHO),  I did a two year post doc. in public health
at Johns Hopkins which sensitized me to the primacy of safe water as the
greatest advance in the history of medicine and which horrifies me when it is
used as an active OR  passive, but highly lethal and torturous weapon against
people, especially children, who contrary to St. Augustine, I believe are
totally innocent and which international law recognizes as belonging to a
specially protected class of noncombatants. Yeah, maybe a 6 year old can toss a
rock, but an infant?! What offensive capability does an infant possess?

   Theoretically, you can reach Kuchinich at but none of my
phone calls or emails have been answered despite having spoken to his buffed
majesty on several occasions before he decided to run for president. (On this
side of the pond we have something (IMHO) that vastly  exceeds any obscene class
system of medieval Europe or even that of the  " lower orders of  Asia  or  the
Hemisphere" : we have the very rich and members of Congress and the Lords of the
two other branches government  -- gods and goddess immune from the law (except
if they stupidly say in open court as did Mrs. Helmsly, "Judge, only the little
people pay taxes." Here all-the-justice-money-can-buy-lawyers must have swooned
and Mrs. Helmsly  did indeed get committed to "Club Fed" one one the "prisons"
cheerfully hosted by the USAF (I'm not kidding) for the rich not to be confused
with the ghastly Camp X-Ray (hosted by the US Army and Marine Corps) or any real
and brutal  lock up, public or privatized.

hope to be in Canada in a month,

Bert Gedin wrote:

> Dear Tom & List,
> Good to have contact with you, yet again. Although very kind of you to give
> me special mention, I haven't really done very much. I do lack specialist
> knowledge. If, however, required, I am happy to help out with researching
> information on the net, if that's of any use. Please let me know if there is
> anything I might be able to do, in the way of 'archeology'.
> May I ask you, Tom, about your personal history, even though that may be
> somewhat off-topic? You have, earlier, said you were a Hungarian refugee.
> Did you leave Hungary in 1956, during the Hungarian
> uprising? Were you, possibly, related to  Hungarian leader, Imre Nagy,
> executed by the Soviets in 1958?
> But please only answer these questions if you feel comfortable in so doing.
> Greetings,   Bert.
> >From: " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." <>
> >To:
> >CC:,
> >Subject: Re Update of Continued H20Borne disease impact
> >Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 19:44:40 -0400
> >
> >Dear Colleagues particularly Bert, Attila,  et al.,
> >
> >  Thank you for your leads and suggestions re  the urgent need to update
> >the
> >splendid pre invasion estimates of civilian deaths with  an   report of the
> >magnitude of the ongoing, passive but fully lethal  bioterrorism by water
> >in
> >Iraq by  the US.
> >
> >      I feel this is a case of Rwanda redux in which the heroic pleas by
> >Gen.
> >Dellaire for light personnel carriers needed to prevent the genocide was
> >delayed
> >till the genocide burned itself out. In the same manner,  making the
> >provision
> >of safe water even to infants is such a low priority (e.g., Betchtel bought
> >tons
> >of chlorine from its enormous grant from USIA  from a Smyna, Georgia firm
> >but
> >the chlorine was still in Turkey the last I was able to track it through
> >the
> >business news wires). My greatest fear is that the infrastructure will
> >arrive as
> >did the light personnel carriers -- after the epidemics burn themselves out
> >unless we can document and publicize and thereby shame the U.S. gov. into
> >doing
> >the legal, sane, humane thing.
> >
> >
> >    I hope to post the surveillance data I have been able to dig up so far
> >over
> >the weekend and request that if people know of addition reliable
> >surveillance
> >data, they also post it (or at least its source).
> >
> >more later,
> >tom
> >
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