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[casi] Re: Re Update of Continued H20Borne disease impact

Dear Tom, John-Peter etc. & List,

Various postings recently, with enquiries about the Post- Invasion Disease
situation in Iraq. Due to the chaotic situation prevailing in Iraq, where
even hospitals, clinics, health centres etc. are not safe havens, with
damage from warfare, looting & destruction going on all the time, in some
situations even thinking of keeping records wouldn't be the uppermost
priority for health workers etc. We know all this.

In trying to piece together the few morsels of information, possibly the
(international) internet may be one useful channel of communication in
finding the information, or clues towards finding the limited data that may
exist. 'Google' is probably one of the better sites, for searching. But -
this is my own feeling -
queries/key-words have to be kept fairly simple, even computer 'brains' can
get confused or scrambled.
May I suggest subjects such as "Iraqi Disease Statistics" or "Iraq Health
Statistics", then sort out the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Unless you
already have, contacting organisations, NGOs, individuals etc. with
knowledge/experience of the health situation in Iraq, maybe UNICEF,
International Red Cross,
WHO, Islamic humanitarian organisations (Red Crescent, Islamic Relief etc.).
Dirk Adriensen, familiar to many on this site, has studied the impact of
sanctions on health etc. in Iraq - he would be one expert to consult. Then -
is this getting into deep waters? - contacting Arabic media organisations,
such as Al-Jazeera. Or the more serious Western medias. Any Iraqi Medical
organisations in the West?

Not being particularly bright, I confess to having lost the plot re.
Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich. At a very basic level, what is it about, &
what kind of strategy is reccommended, in contacting him? I'd love to know!

Greetings to all,


>From: " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." <>
>Subject: Re Update of Continued H20Borne disease impact
>Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 19:44:40 -0400
>Dear Colleagues particularly Bert, Attila,  et al.,
>  Thank you for your leads and suggestions re  the urgent need to update
>splendid pre invasion estimates of civilian deaths with  an   report of the
>magnitude of the ongoing, passive but fully lethal  bioterrorism by water
>Iraq by  the US.
>      I feel this is a case of Rwanda redux in which the heroic pleas by
>Dellaire for light personnel carriers needed to prevent the genocide was
>till the genocide burned itself out. In the same manner,  making the
>of safe water even to infants is such a low priority (e.g., Betchtel bought
>of chlorine from its enormous grant from USIA  from a Smyna, Georgia firm
>the chlorine was still in Turkey the last I was able to track it through
>business news wires). My greatest fear is that the infrastructure will
>arrive as
>did the light personnel carriers -- after the epidemics burn themselves out
>unless we can document and publicize and thereby shame the U.S. gov. into
>the legal, sane, humane thing.
>    I hope to post the surveillance data I have been able to dig up so far
>the weekend and request that if people know of addition reliable
>data, they also post it (or at least its source).
>more later,

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