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Re: [casi] Re: Purifying water in Iraq and a query

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In a message dated 06/24/2003 4:59:53 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> On a different topic does anyone know if there is any kind of inventory
> being kept by the invaders of that which was in palaces etc. One the moneys
> they have seized, the gold bllion haul in the north a couple of weeks ago?
> Or does it just disappear into US/UK coffers? Is there an accountability in
> law for occupiers in these respect, or like everything else in this
> destruction of Mesapotamia, so they just make up (or ignore) the rules as

I read an article yesterday about a little twelve year old girl who allegedly
used an ak47 against us troops.  they then chased her to her home, seized her
male relatives and the rifle of course and some US currency, rather a lot I
thought, 1500.  I started to ask what would be done with this money, law and so
on.  However, I have quit asking the question about international or any
other law for that matter.  If the USuk can invaded a country which has offered no
threat,  murder countless tens of thousands or more, then have the hand
puppet some call the UN make it legitimate, then start pumping the oil, which of
course we have no interest in, it is definitely not about oil, then hand out
billions in contracts to US companies to rebuild, what is the use of even
dreaming of law?  There seems to be no law.  Having said that, we obviously need to
keep track for the sake of the future, for the sake of history.

Roger Stroope
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff USA

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