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[casi] Iraqi charities

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Dear list,

The CASI committee are currently investigating which Iraqi charities it would be most effective to 
donate CASI's post-sanctions funds to, in accordance with the requirements of CASI's constitution. 
We're drawing up a shortlist before making some recommendations.

Our (very!) basic criteria are:
- effectiveness
- flexibility in responding to changing needs
- Prior experience in Iraq
- Using local human resources and expertise
- Making efforts to act independently of political or military pressure from occupying powers

We're keen to donate directly to Iraqi charities and organisations, as a contribution to 
institution-building. There was a thread on casi-discuss some weeks ago regarding this, in which 
various people suggested MAIC (Medical Aid for Iraqi Children), Care Iraqu, and the Human Relief 
Foundation. We could only find contact details for MAIC and HRF, and could not ascertain whether 
MAIC was still working in Iraq.

Do any list members have:
- information about these charities' current activities in Iraq, and/or contact details for them
- suggestions of other Iraqi organisations which are doing important and effective humanitarian work
- suggestions about important areas which should be focussed upon, based upon list members' 
knowledge of current humanitarian needs

Many thanks,

Mike Lewis
CASI Committee

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