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Re: [casi] BBC radio 4 moral maze

At 23:22 28/03/03, Sama wrote:


>Sanctions are like giving Hitler gas chambers - those doing the giving are
>complicit in the crime, but he who uses them in that particular way is the
>main criminal.

Your analogy is tenuous, to say the least. Saddam is not Hitler. I have
little doubt that this kind of comparison would be quite acceptable to
Michael Buerke and his colleagues - indeed, approved of and encouraged -
but I, for one, expect some evidence. It ill behoves you to join the ranks
of the propagandists. I doubt if anybody on this list is under any illusion
as to the nature of Saddam so before you come back with a list of his
crimes I suggest you have a look at what Hitler did.

Furthermore, Hitler could have chosen to use gas chambers or not and
sanctions were not *given* to Saddam as something to use against the Iraqi
people. Also, the rationing system, while obviously not ideal, has been
declared to be working reasonably well by various aid agencies.

That I should even have to make such obvious points is quite absurd.

>This may not have been clear from my interview and I thank you Abi for
>bringing it to my attention.

Looking at what Abi reports you said and at what you have just stated above
it would appear that there is no inconsistency between the two and
consequently no lack of clarity.

  I would suggest that your attendance on a programme like The Moral Maize
indicates how your judgement has been clouded by your hatred of Saddam.

It is remarks like yours and programs like the Moral Maize that I will be
protesting against by attending a march on the BBC this afternoon.

You have my sympathy regarding your family.


>Best wishes

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