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Re:[casi] Memorable quotes: 'the white hope'

H Sutter says

> all the 'evidence' [for CIA involvment in the Ba'ath coup of 1963] is
anecdotal or hearsay, including Cockburn's
> and Aburish's. No primary evidence.

This is plainly false. Look again at the evidence assembled in the excerpts
from the books I quoted. Go to the books and examine their footnotes.

For instance, main actors in the disgusting crime have admitted the truth
which H Sutter seeks to deny:

"We really had the ts crossed on what was happening," James Critchfield,
then head of the CIA in the Middle East, told us. "We regarded it as a great
victory." Iraqi participants later confirmed American involvement. "We came
to power on a CIA train," admitted Ali Saleh Saadi, the Ba'ath Party
secretary general."

Anecdotal? Hearsay? Either you think these quotations were invented... or
you are wrong!

Of course, it is simplistic and childish to the think that the US and UK
imperialists orchestrate coups the same way we make a cup of instant coffee.
They like to remain behind the scenes, pulling strings, taking advantage of
conflicts, forming alliances with the most depraved and reactionary and
ruthless scum that they can find. It is also childish to imagine that, at
the height of the cold war, in a region of the world and in a country that
was then and is now of huge strategic importance, at a time when they were
raining coups down on the heads of peoples fighting for independence and
freedom across the world, that US involvement in overthrowing a government
which challenged their fundamental interests was just a secondary factor.

best wishes

John S

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