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[casi] (no subject)

I appologise for sending this to the list but I have had so many people
asking me what has happened to my website.

In case you are wondering where has gone. So am I !!!!!!
I have been trying to phone the server and emailing them but they do not
reply. I have not been given any reason for the discontinuation of service
 (the server themselves are still active but my site seems to have had the
plug pulled.)
Also I am unable to transfer quickly the domain name so
I have had to register a different name and set up with a new server.

It couldnt have happened at a worse time!!!!!!!
Thank you to every one who emailed me asking what had happened.

"Pages of interest to anyone involved in politics,
current events,International
Relations, Foreign Policy  and world affairs
especially the Middle East, Palestine/Israel and Iraq "

"News Headlines" has links to today's articles in the world media relating
to a variety of topics.
"Peace Matters"  has details of peace actions around the USA and the UK and
I am always glad to add your events. Please email me with details.
"International Politics" has pages of interest on foreign policy, Hansard
and Senate Records,United Nations Resolutions,government email addresses
, texts of the major speeches , etc
"Resources" information,history and maps.

I have added to my website   (  in the Peace Matters
section ) a counter that will show the real cost of the war, the tragic loss
life of innocent Iraqi civilians, which is part of  a project to headline
the daily toll of civilian casualties in the Iraq conflict.

 I admit to having serious reservations about showing a body count but
accurate and reliable statistics are essential in our contact with MPs and
lobby groups and no newspaper will want to show this.
The compiler's qualifications and methodology are detailed on the page .
General Tommy Franks, US Central Command says "We don't do body counts" so
it is unlikely  we will ever hear about the real tragedy to the civilian

Many pages are updated daily ,please check it out.

I would be interested in your criticisms of the site to
I am sure you will find something of interest.


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