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Re: [casi] Anti-war tactics/strategy (formerly Blair's speech -- keep the momentum going)

On 18 Feb 2003 at 17:00, Dermot Moynihan wrote:

> At 21:30 18/02/03, Julie wrote:
> >I'm not sure about this. I don't think those on the march on Saturday
> >were there because they are worried about terrorist attacks. There
> >were plenty of placards and chants pointing out that war, especially
> >this war, is terrorism by another name, and that it is futile to
> >think that terrorism can be combated by war.
> Most of the placards I could see were produced by the Socialist Worker
> or CND or the Stop the War Coalition. Also, with such a huge number of
> people how could anyone be aware of what was happening twenty yards
> away?

A lot of daily Mirror placards (some with the paper's name removed).

> If all these people are so sussed where were they in 1991? Or when we
> tried to stop the bombing of Yugoslavia? They have arrived because
> they suddenly have realised that the world has changed and that 9/11
> has demonstrated that we are all vulnerable.

I don't agree.

1991 - Kuwait invaded by Iraq (incubator story, no mention of April Glaspie or Iraq's
grievances). Many people also thought that a peaceful outcome was being sought (they
didn't realise that their rulers were doing their best to prevent SH leaving Kuwait).

Yugoslavia - bored with the topic? In Europe - surely we wouldn't massacre anybody
and we'd only target the military?

Now - plenty of public debate. One large circulation national newspaper opposed. US
government seen more for what it is. Guantanamo. No perceived risk at all from Iraq.

> There is nothing wrong with having a healthy sense of
> self-preservation.

Whereas much of your posting seems reasonable I do think that you have got it totally
wrong to think that many people were at the march because of fears about terrorism.

Mark Parkinson

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