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[casi] Plan (Glen) - was Anti-war tactics/strategy

--- Cathy Aitchison <> wrote:
> Dermot Moynihan <>
> wrote:
> >If all these people are so sussed where were they
> in 1991? Or when we
> >tried
> >to stop the bombing of Yugoslavia? They have
> arrived because they
> >suddenly
> >have realised that the world has changed and that
> 9/11 has demonstrated
> >that we are all vulnerable.
> But also because they now have so much greater
> access to the whole
> picture.  Politicians just cannot ignore what it
> means to be a leader
> nowadays, ie.: they are leading people who have
> - greater access to information
> - a wider awareness of world issues and
> - easy contact with people across the world.
> See the article below from Monday's Media Guardian:
> The challenge for all those who are
> information-rich, and against war,
> is to work out a successful strategy for a peaceful
> solution and to
> persuade our leaders to go with it.

What I believe is an excellent solution if we can pull
it off (I believe we can):
Get Glen on TV to talk about the sanctions. Kill the
"War would be really good for the Iraqi people because
it's the ONLY way to end the sanctions" line from
We could probably get Glen on the BBC when a cab.
minister is on the telly (or even Blair). It would at
the very least make DAMN sure that we didn't go to war
AND then keep the sanctions - the worst possible
scenario. Hopefully, it will be able to link "war in
Iraq" and "non-military sanctions in Iraq" in people's
minds and if we stop the war we can carry the momentum
through and stop the sanctions too.
We'd need to plan it to maker sure that it had enough
impact to force the media to go wild.
We need to strike while the iron is hot.

Any other ideas or ideas on how to actually do it?


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