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Re: [casi] cyber war

Dear Bert and List,

You are right, I put this very badly. Please forgive me.
(It was 3:00 a.m. when I wrote it.)

My response to the previous poster's interest in joint
efforts by religious groups wasn't meant to denigrate
these efforts or their value. And the comment that I am
"not religious either" wasn't meant to signify disrespect.
(I respect all religions and beliefs - raised a Catholic.)

By "moral grounds" I was using the wrong term. Everyone
condemns war on moral grounds - religious believer or
non-believer alike, myself included. What I meant was the
philosophical (?) considerations of "just war" which
sometimes qualify the condemnations.

The position of Buddhists or Quakers is unequivocally
pacifist - no use of force for any reason. This is the
position I'm most comfortable with. Albert Schweitzer, who
was troubled by killing fish for his pelican, spoke of
a deep Reference for Life.

But I am interested in the views of all religious leaders.
Several groups in the US have condemned the proposed war
on Iraq outright. They are also concerned about the effects
of the silent war - the sanctions.

Admittedly, I did felt ambivalent about the Pope's position.
Initially, at least, he was quoted in the European press as
condemning merely a "unilateral action" which, however
justified, he could not condone.

Since then, as the latest posting on CASI shows, the Vatican
has taken an unequivocal stand. It states clearly that the
war was "motivated by economics". No-one of such influence
has challenged the motives before. Kudos to Civilta Cattolica
for speaking the "naked truth"!

So please don't be angry, if I think that all of this may
have little effect. I want very much that something
would - religious, non-religious; coalition or individuals.
All efforts count. I hope the American people can make
a difference (Bush asked for public opinions). And if the
EU took a stand...

Elga Sutter

------------Original Message------------
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 15:52:19 +0000
From: Bert Gedin <>
Subject: Re: [casi] cyber war

Dear Elga (& List)

Your interest in religion puzzles me - if you are non-religious, as you
to be saying, why should you concern yourself so much with joint efforts
between different religions (= multi-faith) to condemn the proposed
You have just heard that the Pope was opposed - haven't you been following
the news, he hasn't become 'anti' in the last few weeks (by the way, I'm
catholic, not Catholic)?  So, you aren't interested in, if I understand
rightly, a religious solution, but you also say that moral grounds may
little effect. If religion & morality are out, what remains? Bush/Blair
politics? Nothing at all? What may be effective is a coalition of
groups & individuals, who, hopefully, are concerned with the survival of

Greetings,  Bert Gedin (Birmingham, U.K.).

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