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[casi] Fw: BBC World Service - Kofi Annan

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BBC World Service - Kofi Annan
-Subject: BBC World Service - Kofi Annan

Strict embargo: 21.00hrs (GMT) Tuesday, December 10
Annan says 'disarmament - thoroughly and completely' only path to peace for Iraq
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan made a direct appeal to the Iraqi people warning "disarmament - 
thoroughly and completely" is essential if Iraq wants to be put back on the path to peace and 

Kofi Annan's comments were made as he delivered the BBC World Service 70th birthday lecture before 
a specially invited audience in the UN Building in New York this evening (Tuesday, December 10).

The lecture, which was followed by questions from World Service listeners and members of the 
audience, will be broadcast on BBC World Service at 1305 GMT and on BBC World at 1330 pm on 
Wednesday, December 11.  Text and audio can also be heard at

The lecture also included appeals for peace in the Middle East.

Kofi Annan said: " who are listening in Iraq, under the threat of new hostilities.  A 
peaceful resolution is possible, if your Government complies fully with its obligations under 
Security Council resolutions.

"As you know, it has just made a declaration of its weapons programmes and related work, as the 
Council required it to do. The inspection teams are doing their work, seeking to verify the 
correctness and completeness of that declaration, and to ensure that any remaining weapons of mass 
destruction are destroyed.

"It is essential, if Iraq is to be put back on the path to peace and prosperity, that this work of 
disarmament be done thoroughly and completely.  You (the Iraqi people) cannot hope to see the 
sanctions lifted so long as your government retains weapons of mass destruction.  I would be 
deceiving you if I were to suggest otherwise.

He said: "Meanwhile, the United Nations oil-for-food programme continues to give you the help you 
need, so long as economic sanctions are in force.  But we all hope to see you delivered from that 
need - freed from sanctions, from the threat of war, and from oppression.

He added: "The world's hopes for you are the same as those for any other country. Everyone wants to 
see you enjoy the rights and opportunities of our age - free to speak your minds, raise your 
children and pursue your dreams."

He also spoke directly to listeners in the Middle East.

"I think of listeners in the Middle East - of Israelis and Palestinians trapped in a mutually 
destructive cycle of hatred and mistrust.  This not only spells misery for the two peoples 
themselves, but blights the whole region's prospects.

"Yet the solution is clear, and widely agreed on: land for peace, and two states living side by 
side.  That is what all of us at the United Nations long to see. We are working hard, with our 
American, European and Russian friends, to rekindle hope of such a peaceful settlement," he says.

He added: "Every life lost before we achieve it is a tragic and avoidable waste."

Issued by BBC World Service Press Office
020 7557 2941
10  December 2002
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Wednesday 11th December
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