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[casi] ....moving towards a war

Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions -- Ireland
125 Winter Garden, Pearse Street, Dublin 2
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Nov 11, 2002
Press Release

The Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions expresses grave concerns about the
events over the past week. Rather than edging us towards peace, they are
moving towards war. The failure to take into account the warnings of Hans
Blix could prove disasterous.

Contact in Baghdad: Michael Birmingham, Co-founder of the Camapign is
currently in Iraq working with the Iraq Peace Team and adds the following
statements. Michael can be contacted @ Al Rashid Hotel, Room 506. ph (9641)
7177440, 7188007, 7172883
Local Contacts: Sandeep Vaidya, 01 6727803, Suzie Flood 087 6532598

"The decision tonight by the Iraqi government to agree to the terms of last
weeks UN Security Council resolution should not be seen as a sign that war
is less inevitable.

The UN's resolution left Iraq with no real option but to agree in full with
all its requirements or face "serious consequences" seen around the world
as US code for war.

This statement represents Iraqi compliance with the first term,
unconditional acceptance of the resolution within 7 days. The remaining
obligations will prove not just difficult to adhere to, they are more than
likely impossible.

The next stage of this process is for Iraq to make a full disclosure
regarding all its chemical, biological and nuclear programmes (including
those not related to weapons development). This must be done by 8th of

Prior to the resolution being passed unanimously by the UN Security
Council, Hans Blix questioned whether Iraq could realistically fulfill this
requirement in relation to its enormous legitimate chemical industry.

If Hans Blix was right, and Iraq however determined its efforts proves
unable to do this, the US will claim Iraq is in breech of the resolution.
We could at that point be facing war.

A report today by Medact, a group of British Heath professionals has said
that a war against Iraq could kill 500,000 civilians.

It is also clear from speaking with senior UN officials on the ground in
Iraq this week, that the Iraqi population does not have the resources to
withstand this war.

If Iraqi society is to be spared a war which will guarantee nothing but
further death and suffering for ordinary people, those concerned to avert
war must act now.

If people wait for each stage of this process to play out, we will find
that the trigger for war that has been built into this resolution will
activate and it will be too late to stop it."

All quotes from Michael Birmingham, currently in Baghdad.

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