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[casi] FW: White House and House of Representatives Reach Deal on Iraq Resolution

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Iraq Alert - 10/2/02
In This Issue:



1> White House and House of Representatives Reach Deal on Iraq


2> Congress IS Feeling the Pressure - ER Lobby Day Report


3> National and International Actions against this War


4> Iraq Surrenders to UN demand for Renewed Weapons Inspections


5> Congress Expected to begin Formal Debate on Iraq TODAY


6> Members of Congress visit Iraq


7> Call for Congressional Integrity on Iraq Action


8> Points of Discussion

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<>       White House and House of
Representatives Reach Deal on Iraq Resolution
This morning, the White House and leadership of the House agreed on text
of a war resolution authorizing force against Iraq. The new resolution
puts some limits on Bush and has a few provisions that he consult with
Congress, but it still states that the President is "authorized to use
the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines necessary."

The new resolution may appease many in Congress who were sitting on the
fence before, making it more likely they would vote YES on the war
resolution. This means we have to STEP UP THE PRESSURE EVEN MORE and
ensure Representatives vote against ANY war resolution.

Many of you have already made calls, wrote letters or met with your
Congressional offices. This effort has made a difference, overwhelming
most offices with waves of anti-war sentiment. However, now that the war
resolution has actual language and is circulating in the Congress WE
IMPLORE YOU TO KEEP CALLING! And call five friends, and get them to call
as well.

WE CANNOT TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF CONGRESS! We need to ensure that members
know they have political support to take a stand against this
election-time bid to preemptively strike Iraq. Make it clear that they
will not be representing their constituents if they vote for the war
resolution, even with minor compromises in the language.

 <> Read the text of the
new Resolution

Congress IS Feeling the Pressure - ER Lobby Day Report
Coming from 23 states across the country, 140 concerned citizens came to
Washington, DC to participate in Monday's Emergency Lobby Day. Advocates
met with 102 Congressional offices and urged them to vote against a war
resolution on Iraq.

Lobbyists reported a mixed picture of Representatives and Senators, many
afraid to stand against a war resolution despite a majority of
constituent pressure to oppose it. Congressional offices reported
getting thousands of letters, emails, faxes and calls in opposition to a
war on Iraq. Continued pressure is now more important than ever.

 <> Contact your members of

National and International Actions against this War
National and global opposition to a war on Iraq has culminated in a
variety of protests, sit-ins and vigils. Over the weekend, 350,000
people in the U.K. protested Tony Blair's support for war on Iraq. The
demonstration in London was the largest anti-war action in the nation
since the Vietnam War. Thousands of concerned people also protested in
Spain, Italy and Australia over the weekend.

In the U.S., citizens held congressional sit-ins across the nation in
Washington State, Minnesota, Illinois, New Mexico and elsewhere.
Thousands also demonstrated against the planned war in Washington, DC as
well as Missouri, Colorado, Texas and California among other states. If
you plan to hold a demonstration, you may list it at or
alert to specific actions you might take.

 <> See our Most Recent
Alert for Action Ideas

Iraq Surrenders to UN demand for Renewed Weapons Inspections
After two days of talks, Iraq agreed Tuesday to a plan for the return of
U.N. weapons inspectors for the first time in nearly four years, but the
deal ignores U.S. demands for unrestricted access to Saddam Hussein's
palaces and other contested sites.

Chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix said an advance team of inspectors could
be in Iraq in two weeks if it gets the go-ahead from the U.N. Security
Council. But clashing with Blix, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell
said hours later that the search for hidden arsenals in Iraq should be
held up until the Security Council adopts tough new rules.

However, Russia, France, China and other Security Council Members oppose
any new resolution that authorizes the use of force. That opposition in
the Security Council may be in jeopardy if Bush gains Congressional
approval for a unilateral preemptive strike on Iraq.

Opposition to preemptive war plans in Congress and in the Security
Council did appear to have an effect, if only rhetorically. According to
the New York Times: "President Bush seemed to soften his tone today
about military action against Iraq, saying he was open to compromises
with Congress and the United Nations as long as both passed 'tough'
resolutions that did not tie his hands if Saddam Hussein refuses to
disarm." (10/2/02)

 <> "Bush Appears to be
Soften Tone on Iraq" (New York Times, 10/2/02) Registration may be

Congress Expected to begin Formal Debate on Iraq TODAY
In the House, the International Relations Committee (HIRC) is scheduled
to "mark up" the war resolution today at 4:30 PM EST. "Mark up" is the
committee process analyzing a piece of legislation section by section
and making changes. Chaired by Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL), HIRC mark-up may
go through Thursday. You can watch a live web cast of the meeting by
following the link below to the House International Relations Committee

The Senate is also scheduled today to begin a lengthy floor debate.
However, that is now in doubt. Sen. Robert Bryd (D-WV) has hinted that
he will filibuster the President's war resolution. (A filibuster is a
tactic used by a dissenting minority to delay a vote.) EPIC is
encouraging other Senators to back Sen. Bryd.

Majority Leader Daschle said "there will be other substitutes and other
amendments that we will consider."

Earlier this week, Sens. Chuck Hagel (R-NB) and Richard Lugar (R-IN)
urged Bush to back a proposal made by Lugar and Senate Foreign Relations
Committee Chairman Joseph Biden (D-DE). That resolution narrows the goal
of American military action in Iraq to the enforcement of disarmament,
and puts more of an emphasis on assuring - but not requiring - that any
use of force have multinational support. Bush objected to the
Lugar-Biden resolution, claiming that it would 'tie his hands.'

EPIC opposes congressional authorization for a preemptive invasion of
Iraq despite the slightly more limiting language of the Lugar-Biden

 <> House of
Representatives International Relations Committee homepage:

Members of Congress visit Iraq
Several members of Congress have visited Iraq in recent weeks in an
attempt to bring about a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Rep. Nick
Rahall (D-WV), Rep. David Bonior (D-MI), Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) and
Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) traveled to Iraq to witness the humanitarian
crisis and encourage diplomatic efforts. Each Representative has been
profoundly affected by their visit to Iraq and is now urging a
diplomatic solution. The Congressmen have been receiving criticism for
their trip; please contact their offices and thank them for their
courage. And urge your Representative to see for him or herself the real
situation in Iraq.

 <> See story in ABC News

Call for Congressional Integrity on Iraq Action
According to the latest word from Capitol Hill, the war resolution will
be voted on in both the House and Senate some time near the middle of
NEXT WEEK. A postponement of that vote appears increasingly unlikely.

Create the political support to allow your members of congress to vote
against the President if they're Republicans and against their
leadership if they are Democrats. For example, encourage religious
leaders, business leaders, labor unions, and other prominent public
figures to make public statements against a pre-emptive war in Iraq. If
such statements have already been made, help publicize them in letters
to the editor of your local papers and fax copies to your reps. in
Washington. For fax numbers, go to

Contact both of your Senators and your Representative. Call the
Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be transferred to
the appropriate office. You can find out relevant information on members
of congress by visiting or by checking out EPIC's
advocate's toolbox (see link below) which contains a congressional
record of how each Congressperson has voted in the past on Iraq issues.

After you've contacted your elected officials, consider also calling
Congressional Leaders like Reps Gephardt and Hastert and Senators
Daschle and Lott. Call the chairs of important committees like Sen.
Biden who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Sen. Levin
who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee. While you may not be
their constituent, they are in leadership roles and therefore must
answer to all citizens.

Senate Majority Leader
Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD)
(202) 224-2321

Senate Minority Leader
Senator Trent Lott (R-MS)
(202) 224-6253

House Minority Leader
Rep. Richard Gephardt (D-MO)
(202) 225-2671

Speaker of the House
Rep. J.Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
(202) 225-2976

Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee
Senator Carl Levin (D-MI)
(202) 224-6221

Chair of the House Armed Service Committee
Rep. Bob Stump (R-AZ)
(202) 225-4576

Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Senator Joseph Birden (D-DE)
(202) 224-5042

Chair of the House International House Relations Committee
Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL)
(202) 225-4561

 <> Visit the Advocate's

Points of Discussion
Please stay tuned for further analysis and information on the escalating
moves to invade Iraq. Check out our website for soon-to-be posted
Talking Points and action ideas.

 <> For compelling
arguments from right, left and center opposing a war on Iraq


The Education for Peace in Iraq Center
1101 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washington D.C. 20003 USA
Tel. 202.543.6176 - Fax 202.543.0725

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