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[casi] 24 hours of reading

The CASI committee has recently discussed the idea of creating a list of
'24 hours of reading'.  Basically this would be a follow up to the 'guide
to sanctions', currently on the website, and would consist of about 24
'units' of reading.  Initially, the list would just appear online and all
documents would be referenced with appropiate web addresses.

We have currently come up with what we think is a reasonably comprehensive
list, but it could do with further input - any suggestions for articles
that would be appropiate, or comments on the pieces that we already have.
The current list (which is still a bit of a mess) is below (if anybody
wants it in word format please email me), and I'm looking forward to
hearing what people think.  Thanks!

Liam Wren-Lewis


1:        SCR 660 (gopher:// -
                  SCR 661
          SCR 678 (gopher://

[quote from Freedman and Karsh's book, as well as from Gordon and

2:       Report of Mr. Martti Ahtisaari
[and/or excerts from Sadruddin Aga Khan (I think the whole report is too
long/unreadalbe ),]

3:         SCR 687 (gopher://
                           (, or a review of, i.e. in
Sarah Graham-Brown's sanctioning Saddam
[Some early US government statements/New York Times articles (where?), or
perhaps, annotated or 'cut
up', perhaps, a press
conference with Bush senior, 91]

4:          Anfal Campaign, Halabja
(, )

5:       OFF preliminary, SCR 706

                                SCR 712

         With guide article for context

6:        UN Compensation Commision Guide Article

7:   No fly zones,  SCR 688

[with Christine Gray's "After the ceasefire" here from 65 British Yearbook
of International Law 135]       Monitoring,  SCR 715

[with excerpt from Tim Trevan's Saddam's Secrets in which he expresses his
surprise at 715's intrusivenes]

8:      OFF, SCR 986 (  -
Annotation possibly?
[+ Sarah Graham Brown extracts ,or  Dreze and Gazdar's 1992 World
Development article on "Hunger and Poverty in Iraq, 1991", if we can get

9:      Amorim report (arms section)

9.5: Amorim report (humanitarian section)

10:     Unicef '99: Press release (,
                         followed by Q&A
        [full report can be referenced as 'further reading'?]
        Shah & Ali report

11:      OFF, SCR 1284, the 1999 cap lifter (with ANNOTATION OR CONTEXT PIECE)

12:     Garfield report

13:   Amatzia Baram's article (

14:  Mavrommatis on Human Rights,

15:     Ritter's "Qualitative disarmament"
        Unscom's last report (

15.5: 'Special Topics' report [or part of]

16:     No fly zones, Washington Post artice
                      Sarah Graham-Brown's MERIP PIN

17:     Opposition politics, (,
and Glen Rangwala's list

18:     IRCR's report

19:     OIL:  2000 oil experts' report
( looks
promising, but is HUGE, and would need somebody to go through and extract
the important bits.

20:  Iraqi Kurdistan, ( - but also
something better??

21:  US policy, Washington Post article

22:     Decade of Sanctions, Chowdhury
(     and a chapter
from Cortright and Lopez' book, The Sanctions Decade (if possible)

23:     Alternatives? - The Iraqi Maze: Searching for a Way Out

24:     Smart Sanctions, SCR 1409
(, followed by Colin Rowat's
        article,  (

25:  Blair's Dossier on Iraq - or more likely excerpts from
        And Counter dossier,

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