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Re: [casi] Regime change, the lesser evil

On 28 Sep 2002 at 1:51, Yasser Alaskary wrote:

> The priority is to end Saddam's regime and end sanctions.

A much bigger priority is to end sanctions because these have killed and damaged far
more Iraqis than SH ever did.

> More importantly, would not a regime change by the US by the quickest
> and least bloody way of ending sanctions?

The least bloody way is for us to put pressure on our leaders in our 'democracies'. This
would also be the quickest.

War is full of uncertainties but you can be sure that the US will seek to minimise their
own casualties and that we won't get to hear how many Iraqi civilian casualties there

> Stop being a pacifist and be realistic and practical.

I'm not a pacifist. I'm being realistic and practical. One good thing about this
warmongering is that more US/UK citizens are becoming more questioning of what their
governments are doing to Iraq - and why.

There are other important points in all of this. Due to technology the US are now able to
unleash devastating force on other countries with very little risk to their own military. The
press and media seem to have become more compliant over the years. Civilians in other
countries can be killed and damaged and our leaders are not found out on this.
September 11th now provides an excuse. This war on Iraq is a battleground in our
attempts to make our leaders accountable and answerable.

Mark Parkinson

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