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[casi] Regime Change.

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Do you really believe that the USUK alliance is concerned with the regime of Saddam Hussein? Do you 
genuinely believe that having sold him all the gear he needed to become the tyrant that he is and 
then turning a blind eye to his crimes against humanity, they really give a monkey's about Iraqi 
citizens? Do you seriously believe that once his regime has been toppled, they'll nip off back home 
and never meddle again?

Surely not. It strikes me that the only people in favour of "regime change" aka war would be people 
who were naive enough to swallow the nonsense being fed to us by the press or those with a 
political agenda of their own. Otherwise, why would they be willing to call for the deaths of tens 
if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people; ecological destruction which will last for 
hundreds of years; the dehumanisation of the people they claim to represent; the slavery of the 
survivors and the destruction of their country for ever and eternity?

Might I suggest that you stop being a warmongerer and be realistic and practical?


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