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Re: [casi] Regime change, the lesser evil

In a message dated Sat, 28 Sep 2002 01:51:04 +0100, writes:

> More importantly, would not a regime change by the US by
> the quickest and
> least bloody way of ending sanctions?
> Stop being a pacifist and be realistic and practical.

You'll pardon me if I don't take up your call for war and lay down my morals to conform to your 
world view.  Situational ethics are for those whose interests are stronger than their values.

Why is it that to be a pacifist is not realistic or practical?
Could it be because there are more people who call for "practical" solutions that involve murder 
than there are pacifist who call for dialogue, or is it simply that the call for blood is louder 
NOT more populated.

I am happy to be in the minority calling for non-violence if minority it is, however based on the 
thousands of phone calls to congress every day by US citizens calling for diplomatic solutions to 
this situation, the hundreds of millions world-wide speaking out against violence, I think that it 
is you sir who are in the minority.  Even with all of the propaganda and Chicken-hawks circling the 
oil in the middle east we are not fooled.  The day is coming when it will be more honorable to call 
for diplomatic solutions than it is to call for bloodshed.  I believe that day is now.

The day is coming when the words in the dictionary once again will have meaning and when the 
sanctity of human life will supersede the flawed logic that calls for the ending of some peoples 
lives to fulfill the political and financial ideals of others.

Roger Stroope
Austin College
"Peace is a Human Right"

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