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[casi] Good luck Tom

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I am only too happy to pledge myself to do anything I can to help you. I wish you luck and a safe 

The Glossop meeting had about 50 people. Not bad for a small town. Speakers included Hugh Goodacre, 
Harriet Wainwright and Tom Levitt. As was to be expected, the latter was the only one who drew any 
fire. Levitt came out with the usual crap. Drugs aren't getting through because of the Iraqi govt's 
criminal distribution; UN backing makes it worthwhile; Iraq poses a threat to this country; Iraq 
stands guilty of breaking int'l law. He spoke out on Israel and said that Blair was a great calming 
influence on Gung Ho George.

I ended up speaking away from my notes and felt quite annoyed, so who knows how coherent I was. I 
think I said that the USUK alliance was just as bad as Hussein. That when we start talking about 
politicians holding the lives of 1000s in their hands and acting as if they couldn't care less, 
there are no longer degrees of badness. That hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and 
thousands more would be left to die. That we were misguided in believing that politicians act 
according to moral guidelines. Usually they are led by their friends in big business. That the UN 
would be dictated to by the US and that harsh retribution would be visited on those who dared to 
stand up to the USA. And that Levitt and his ilk were duplicitous people who were skilled in 
appearing to say one thing whilst simultaneously negating the message.

Leaving aside my inarticulacy, we can take great hope in the strength of feeling against the war 
and the informed opinion that ordinary people hold.

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