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Re: [casi] (no subject)

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In a message dated 06/11/2002 11:54:25 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> .  However it greatly sadness me to see people like Roger
> Stroope saying:

PhdDude, I am not really interested in saddening you, but I am curious to
know exactly what, "people like Roger" actually means?  Do I fit into some
category that you know of?

You also said: (borrowing from you)
"We all know how sanctions have affected the Iraqi people,
and we all know we must work together to end this evil sanctions.  However,
Iraq is not just about sanctions.  Iraq is a country that has suffered
immensely for the past 35 years, war after war, violations of human rights,
and no freedom. "

Of course Iraq is not just about..., however when I take my car into have it
serviced it may also need to be painted but that might be beyond the mandate
of the people to whom I entrust my vehicle.  Just as CASI may or may not be
the place to discuss regime change, you notice that I said may or may not,
but that of course was not really the intent of any of my emails as much as
it was about limiting the ongoing personal attacks against people both within
Iraq as well as other people who don't subscribe to the violent overthrow of
SH.   This may or may not be appropriate fodder for discussion either.

You also said:
Indeed sanctions have done and continuing to do its damage,
but there are greater factors in Iraq that have imposed a greater damage,
and people should be informed of these factors.

I am not clear what greater damage has been done than the marginalization of
an entire people by a hegemonic Super power, with a death toll running into
the hundreds of thousands if not beyond 1,000,000 in this last decade.  At
least half of which were the next generation, a form of imposed birth control
by the USA.

As to Ghazwan and Nermin, I maintain that it is none of your business or mine
whom they pay their loyalty to.  You speak of a country that lacks freedom.
Freedom of association is a constitutional right within the USA, and freedom
to keep ones own business ones own, is also a right, a freedom.  If in fact
you wanted to speak of freedoms that also extend to people who may or may not
share your political views.

You speak of identities needing to be disclosed so that we can get to know
each other.  That is great except that you and I both know that some will use
information to label others and vilify them, perhaps more.  My political
affiliations have not been solicited, nor has anyone else on this list sans
Ghazwan and Nermin.  Why is that?  Perhaps the answer makes this
conversations even more relevant and much less a small afterthought at the
end of your recent posting.  Yes?

Roger Stroope
Peace is a Human Right
Austin College

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