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[casi] (no subject)

Hi everyone

I'm new to this list, and after reading the interesting discussions in this
list for the past few weeks, I am more than willing to participate in these
discussions, and inform people in this list from what I know, and learn from
what they know.  However it greatly sadness me to see people like Roger
Stroope saying:

'The common ground that all of us on this list SHOULD HAVE, is the desire to
see sanctions lifted.  If that is not what your (collective) goal is then
this is the wrong place for you'.

First of all, Mr Stroope, I don't think any person caring for human rights
on this list doesn't have the desire to see sanctions imposed on the Iraqi
people lifted.  We all know how sanctions have affected the Iraqi people,
and we all know we must work together to end this evil sanctions.  However,
Iraq is not just about sanctions.  Iraq is a country that has suffered
immensely for the past 35 years, war after war, violations of human rights,
and no freedom. Indeed sanctions have done and continuing to do its damage,
but there are greater factors in Iraq that have imposed a greater damage,
and people should be informed of these factors.

You also said:

'Whether or not anyone on this list is 'associated with the regime' is the
business of the 'anyone' and not you or I'.

I think we should get to know each other, there's no point in hiding your
identity. If Ghazwan and Nermin are associated with the regime, let them say
so, we want to know so we can make our discussions more informative and

I call for everyone to continue to discuss the major issues in Iraq
peacefully, and lets work together to free this wonderful nation.

Best wishes to all and peace be upon you


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