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Re: [casi] AI

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In a message dated 06/10/2002 5:25:09 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> if you look back, it's those associated with the regime who found the report
> most offensive and did their utmost best to make either AI look

Whether or not anyone on this list is 'associated with the regime' is the
business of the 'anyone' and not you or I.  Just as whether or not anyone on
this list is associated with the propaganda machine of the US/UK.  'Facts'
are an interesting thing, just as opinions are.

As to discrediting AI, they do great work and they miss things sometimes too,
some of those misses are significant and warrant review, perhaps here,
perhaps elsewhere.

As to ANYONE on this list trivializing torture, murder, or the role of SH in
Human Rights violations, well, that is an interpretation.  It would be very
easy if life were as simple as some of us try to make it, it isn't.   For you
or anyone else to suggest that any of us, regardless of political
affiliations, would trivialize torture is an example of an oversimplified
view of the world, one that lacks nuance.  Probably offensive to the accused,
yes?  We certainly live in a world where the oversimplification of issues is
prevalent, unfortunately it leads us right back to a world of Us's and
Them's.  A useless place to be.

The common ground that all of us on this list SHOULD HAVE, is the desire to
see sanctions lifted.  If that is not what your (collective) goal is then
this is the wrong place for you.  If that is what your (collective) goal is
then we are all members of a group that should be pulling in the same
direction, or at least able to do so without accusing each other of unsavory
thoughts and deeds or judging political affiliations as appropriate or
inappropriate.  The word R-E-S-P-E-C-T jumps to mind.

To my way of thinking Abi has been absolutely clear on at least two occasions
that personal attacks against individuals on this list fall into the category
of inappropriate behavior.  Out of respect for each other as well as Abi's
work on this list, let's keep the allegations and accusations out of this
discussion, yes?
*Best Wishes*

Roger Stroope
Peace is a Human Right
Austin College

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