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[casi] "We would like to know his political associations"

Dear Hassan & List,

Shocked by the A.I discussion? With respect, this is not a List for
porcelaine dolls. The discussion may be useless to some. if so, they should
feel free to drop out.

Yes, Ghazwan has the full right to criticise A.I.'s policies re. sanctions.
But, although I have no personal animosity towards Ghazwan,
his rubbishing of A.I. did make my blood boil. I then wrote a piece, in
response, whereafter Ghazwan decided to re-engage in the discussion. Hthen
directed 9 points, to the List & myself, re. "WORTHLESS" A.I. reports, which
he admitted, openly, he had never read. So, his response was voluntary,
someone like me hadn't acted like a bullying godfather.
By all means, if you wish to rush to Ghazwan's defense, that is alright by

You say "Iraq has supported EVERY LIBERATION MOVEMENT in the world." Some,
on this List, may - rightly or wrongly - argue that you left out one country
(I leave you to do some guess-work!).

What am I doing about the Palestinians? Apart from standing "across the
street", shouting, I have been on vigils, meetings & demonstrations. Only
today, I posted 2 letters, re. a Palestinian in Israeli detention,
to Israeli authorities. With others, starting today, I am trying to achieve
the release of 8 "internationals", illegally detained by Israeli military,
at Balata Refugee Camp: they had been - so I understand - trying to help
Palestinians. I've put out some letters on "the net" etc. Furthermore, I've
dicussed the issues amongst friends.
And, I might add, none of this because I was ordered to by the U.K.

Why was Ghazwan singled out? Because his criticisms of A.I. were, perhaps,
the most comprehensive - I didn't wish to reply, individually,
to every single person (a few even belonged to my "fan club"!) who had
debated A.I. over the List.

Re. political associations, I suggested Ghazwan be honest about them. He
declined to reply directly: "It is for me to know...and for you to find
out!" I accepted his avoidance, replying "That is your prerogative". You ask
if I am a Freemason, about my politics, do I support Zionism etc. As I
hardly know you, Hassan, it is for you to find out.

Hassan concludes with some wise words about not patronising, which,
presumably, he applies in his own life. - If he feels that I have been
disingenuous, all along, then that is cause for regret. I concede that I
don't dismiss his every word, but try to consider his views carefully. I
do hope, with or without Amnesty, that we both believe in the neccessity for
human rights. And I look forward to Hassan's promised
comments on Amnesty International.


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