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Dear list members,
What a disgusting title that was!! judging
someones political opinion by where he lives or
we he comes from. Hassan did not like at all,
Ghazwan called it "tactics of a dictator". And
for the second time, I find myself obliged to
agree with Ghazwan.
EVERY IRAQI IS A BA'ATHIST is a very famous
saying by ... guess who? Yes it is Saddam
Husein. (or as Ghazwan refers to him, SH)
Does Ghazwan agree with what SH had said? And if
he does not, did he make his feelings public?
When Hassan was in Iraq, what did he do to
express his disagreement? It seems that he can't
even shout his disagreement from across high
Hassan said that Saddam's Iraq supported every
liberation movement in the world. Did that
include Kuwaiti liberation movement from
Saddam's occupation? Or does he agree with
Saddam's government story (Kuwaitis invited
Saddam to invade them to free them!! Yes that's
the official story, ask Nermin), or was Saddam
on his way to liberate Palestine but got lost in
the desert?
Bert, don't waste your time trying to convince
the likes of Ghazwan ans Hassan who are
defending a self confessed dictator. Saddam
openly declared on TV in 1981: "A law is a piece
of paper on which I write one or two lines and
sign underneath it".
One piece of paper that went out of Saddam's
office was Decree Number 840 (published by the
Official Gazette Number 3124 on 17/11/1986)
saying that anyone publicly insulting the
President or his regime would be imprisoned for
life and have all their property
confiscated. "Punishment shall be death", the
decree added, "if the insult was flagrant and
aimed to stir up public opinion against
Is this why Ghazwan refers to Saddam as SH?
Because sayying Saddam Husein without "his
excellency the great leader" might be considered
a bit of an insult and makes Ghazwan liable to
face the shooting squad.
Does any member on list still think that AI
should have ignored Saddam's violations of human


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