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RE: [casi] America's new Christian Zionists

Dear all,

Over the years, I've had more than enough of ultra-Zionists trying (and
failing) to convince me that all anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. When
anti-Zionists like Ahmed also appear to be willing to elide the difference,
I get very annoyed with them.

As for the derivation of 'anti-semitism', whatever its roots, it is now
generally accepted as being prejudice directed at adherents of the Jewish
religion, and/or those who identify their ethnicity as 'Jewish'. Aattempting
to re-define it according to one's own personal view of the world seems to
me to be a waste of time.

What's all this got to do with the campaign to lift the sanctions? Quite a
bit: Iraq is a multi-faith, multi-ethnic state, facing attack from people of
many races and faiths. The movement to lift sanctions can't allow itself to
get diverted onto expressions of hatred for one race/religion or another.

<I've just cut a long and vitriolic diatribe against bigots, racists, and
nationalists of all persuasions which originally occupied this paragraph.
Count yourselves lucky!>

Chris Williams

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From: Ahmed Al-Mansour
Sent: 14/05/02 15:21
Subject: Re: [casi] America's new Christian Zionists

Nermin, you shouldn't forget to mention the Zionist's very own police
who go by the name the Anti-Defamation League. They spend millions of
dollars looking for an excuse to call someone an anti-semite!
A. Al-Mansour

>From: "nermin" <>
>To: "apeace promise" <>, "Kamil Mahdi"
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>Subject: Re: [casi] America's new Christian Zionists
>Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 00:50:00 +0400
>Hi Kamil, Peggy & all,
>I am not going to discuss America's New Christian Zionist, but I am
>interesting in this obscure term Semitic. The term that used by Zionism
>wide as possible in attacking every body or state stands against
America or
>Israel internists In Holy Quran we read the Children of Israel. It
>those who were the sons and grandsons of Prophet Jacob who was in turn
>grandson of Prophet Abraham, who was in turn the grandson of Sem. So,
>come to a Jewish from Poland to be Semetic!
>Sem was from the Arab Pensula region, so his grandsons must have the
>features of body and face known in this region. Most of Jewish who came
>Europe have very western features. They are not the grandsons of Sem.
>Moreover, Judaism is a religion not a national.
>Zionism, which has not religion, is ready to ally even with Satan
>the main goal: controlling the world. The worst is that Zionism created
>Jewish. Yet, who is going to explain this in the West without being
>by anti-samism and sentenced to Jail. Gharodi is an obvious proof.

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