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Re: [casi] America's new Christian Zionists

Nermin, you shouldn't forget to mention the Zionist's very own police force,
who go by the name the Anti-Defamation League. They spend millions of
dollars looking for an excuse to call someone an anti-semite!
A. Al-Mansour

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>Subject: Re: [casi] America's new Christian Zionists
>Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 00:50:00 +0400
>Hi Kamil, Peggy & all,
>I am not going to discuss America’s New Christian Zionist, but I am
>interesting in this obscure term Semitic. The term that used by Zionism as
>wide as possible in attacking every body or state stands against America or
>Israel internists In Holy Quran we read the Children of Israel. It means
>those who were the sons and grandsons of Prophet Jacob who was in turn a
>grandson of Prophet Abraham, who was in turn the grandson of Sem. So, how
>come to a Jewish from Poland to be Semetic!
>Sem was from the Arab Pensula region, so his grandsons must have the
>features of body and face known in this region. Most of Jewish who came
>Europe have very western features. They are not the grandsons of Sem.
>Moreover, Judaism is a religion not a national.
>Zionism, which has not religion, is ready to ally even with Satan toward
>the main goal: controlling the world. The worst is that Zionism created by
>Jewish. Yet, who is going to explain this in the West without being accused
>by anti-samism and sentenced to Jail. Gharodi is an obvious proof.
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>Subject: Re: [casi] America's new Christian Zionists
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>  Dear Kamil,
>        I would say that the only thing that is new about all of this is
>the Zionists have grown in power to the point that they control most of the
>National Government. But the agenda for the US supporting Israel has always
>been a Zionist agenda. One of the biggest myths on the planet is the reason
>why Israel was created. THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF ZIONISM  by Ralph Schoenman
>speaks of this. There is a film out , a documentary, call THEY CAME IN
>Part 1 and Part 2.   Narrated by Mike Douglas.  In the film there is an
>interview with the mayor of jerusalem at the time in the 40's. He is a
>rabbi. He says he prayed they would not make a seperate Israel. But of
>course the US and the UN pushed for it. The US wanted Israel there to be
>their arm for Oil and arms.And the UN is doing always what it is told. On
>Mother Jones web site you can access all the arms dealers who get rich off
>war and selling arms to the highest bidders. What is scary is how much
>these people wield now not only towards the rest of the world but to it's
>own citizens. The legislation being pushed thru the elected bodies violates
>us citizens civil rights very strongly. We are probalbly agreeing more than
>we disagree. I don't think though that journalist was courageous. It
>reminded me of so much of the journalism I am so used to in the US. Loaded
>with tons of drama ,that played in reality a small percentage of what
>represents the US citizenry. Most of the people he interviewed don't even
>get play on the very right wing media in this country.Journalists are not
>artists. I know many of them risk their lives to get at stories. Those I
>have the highest regard for ,But many are in love with their own dramas
>they print not realizing what they are putting out in the world.Or not
>caring because their paychecks are so large as is the case with some of the
>US journalists.  Of course it is his right to print or produce whatever he
>wants. Just as it is my right to reject it as stirring up the winds of
>hatred and panic.
>  Sincerely, Peggy
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>From: Kamil Mahdi
>Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2002 6:52 AM
>To: apeace promise
>Subject: RE: [casi] America's new Christian Zionists
>Dear Peggy,
>Thanks for your message.  Of course, the extreme right is not new and it
>racist aggressive white-supremacist conception of its religion which most
>christians abhore.  This right is also anti-semitic, but has always been
>pro-Israel.  There is nothing new in zionist anti-semetic alliances either.
>Menachim Begin's Herut Party wanted an alliance with the Nazis in 1933.
>wanted the Jews out of Europe, the other wanted them in Palestine.
>What has been growing in recent years and what has been admirably reported
>Stephen Sackur is the shift in US Zionism (the Jewish pro-Israel lobby) to
>extreme right and the growing alliance with the extreme Christian right,
>that the US (establishment and media) is now in some respects more Zionist
>than Israel itself.  America's support is not for the allegedly moderate
>Israeli labour party any more, but to Sharon and Netanyahu.  I am afraid
>alliance of the increasingly right-wing (not predominantly democratic party
>loyalist as in the past) Jewish lobby with the "Christian Zionists" is very
>significant, and it has a stranglehold over US Middle East policy and now
>the "War on Terrorism" with all its huge implications.  Nobody says that
>biggots are all that the US is, but it seems that even "Big Oil" is now
>marginalised in Middle East policy terms.
>On the media, yes BBC News is disgracefully biased towards Israel and it
>the flames of war against Iraq in giving credence to government insinuated
>rumours, but the BBC should be congratualted when it broadcasts such a
>investigative programme.  I think Stephen Sackur is extremely courageous.
>My regards,
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> >Dear Kamil,
> >      These christian zionists are not anything new. They are the same
>that believe in armegedian  . In fact one of the pastors interviewed I
>said in fact that. They are a scary bunch and have always been. In the US
>are the same as the David Dukes and George Bush is  somewhat in that group.
>They are  in no way reflective of most of America.
> >Though I know the BBC is well respected in England and here in the US. I
>often find that their news ,though more honest than most of the American
>media, can at times be a bit one sided. Did they cover the story that on
>20, 35,000 people marched on the capital in support of Palestine with
>saying  HANDS OFF IRAQ.  I would bet not. This last thursday in the
>TImes, there was a story about Britians media and how it is up for sale to
>highest corporate bidders. I am going to type it on casi when I get a
>Noam Chomsky in the movie "Manufacturing Consent" says  propaganda is to
>democracy as brutality and killing is to a dictatorship. Western
>are loaded with mostly radio and media stations playing the propaganda
>The west by no means has the rightious ground when it comes to the news.
>      is a good media station about some of the
>movements in the US that try to fight these zionists extremists. These
>Zionists,they use Sep. 11 in the US as an excuse to come out of the
>They were always in the US, just hidden. They are basically Klu Klux Klan
>skin heads dressed in suits.   Sincerely, Peggy
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> >Subject: [casi] America's new Christian Zionists
> >
> >BBC Radio 4
> >     Analysis: America's new Christian Zionists
> >
> >     Lobbying for Israel
> >
> >     The Jewish lobby has long been perceived as a powerful influence on
> >foreign policy
> >     but, as BBC Washington correspondent Stephen Sackur reveals, Israel
> >found new
> >     support from American Christians.
> >
> >
> >     Listen to:
> >
> >
> >
> >     and read:
> >
> >
> >
> >Dr Kamil Mahdi
> >University of Exeter
> >
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>Sent via the discussion list of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.
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