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[casi] News, 27/4­11/5/02 (titles)

News, 27/4­11/5/02 (titles)

This mailing covers the last two weeks, when nothing was sent owing to
continuing problems with computers etc. I hope these are now being resolved,
but thereıs many a slip ... The fortnight saw the end of the Iraqi oil
export stoppage, postponement of discussions with the UN over return of the
inspectors and Œsmart sanctionsı, President Husseinıs birthday, apparent
abandonment of the Prague connection (and with it the chances of proving an
Iraqi/Al Qaida link), and great confusion over the policy to be pursued with
regard to the Iraqi opposition.


*  Annan Reports Progress in Iraq Talks
*  Security Council vote on Iraq sanctions delayed


*  Saddam agents in Australia: exiles
*  The exiles [A long article. I have given extracts on the British mandate
and on politics among the Iraqi exile community.]


*  Iraqi Opposition Group Halts TV Broadcast
*  Harassing the Iraqi National Congress [Extracts. Some still rather vague
background details suggesting that the shutdown of the INC radio was a
result of State department opposition. Apparently the SD wants to support
the Middle East Institute, but its director has declared that Mr Bushıs
Œaxis of evilı phrase is ridiculous. Since the INC is supposed to include
the Iran-backed SCIRI, we may assume thatıs what they think too but in the
Land of Free Speech you donıt get grants for saying what you think ...]
*  US action on Iraq slowed by rift over whom to support [Fuller account of
the problems surrounding support for an Iraqi opposition and on the
conference that was much talked about a few months ago, which was supposed
to show that there was a coherent and credible alternative to Saddam. Not
stressed here that it was supposed to consist mainly of Sunni military men
(or was that another conference?). We learn in passing that the INC advocate
Œ a constructive policy on the Arab-Israeli conflictı. What, we wonder, does
that mean, and is it likely to enhance the groups democratic credentials
within Iraq?]


*  Newsweek: Czech Officials Say Story That Sept. 11 Hijacker Atta Met with
Iraqi [Its taken quite a long time for this to get out, though it should
have been obvious six months ago to anyone following these newsmailings.]
*  Czechs assert Atta met with Iraqi spy [Its still just an assertion that
he was in Prague in April 2001, still no apparently convincing evidence.]


*  Baghdad's 'flourishing' art scene [But why, if Iraq ³is the 'cradle of
civilizations', once home to the Sumerians, the Assyrians, Abbasids and
others² should Iraqi artists boast of going to Europe to learn to paint,
especially since the best European art of the century has been an effort to
recover the values that were current among Œthe Sumerians, the Assyrians,
Abbasids and othersı.]
*  British Museum welcomes Iraq library project


*  Oman: Baghdad will not be bombarded from our lands
*  Moussa: Iraq will return back archives and documents for Kuwait


*  Iraqi oil shipments to start tomorrow: Official
*  U.S. probes cigarette sales to Iraq

AND, IN NEWS, 27/4­11/5/02 (2)


*  Blair says no attack on Iraq without UN assent
*  Tory Warns of Attacks on Iraq [First glimmerings of thought on this
matter within the Tory Party?]
*  Caged for 90 years: Real IRA trio plotted deal with Saddam [This real
IRA/British Intelligence fantasy seems to be the closest weıre going to get
to any recent Iraqi terrorist activity in the US or UK.]


*  Inside a vile republic [Iraqi defectorıs tales.Supported by Charles
Duelfor so they must be true. But isnıt it stretchng things a little to say:
ŒSaddam's tyranny trains and finances Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic
fundamentalist movement. According to the defector, it was Iraq which taught
Hamas how to make bombs.ı Is there no-one in Saudi Arabia who knows how to
make bombs? Havenıt the Palestinians themselves a fairly impressive track
record in the field?]
*  Happy birthday Mr President. But your party masks a nation living in fear
*  Farming sector under biological attack says Iraq
*  Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Al-Hakim [Obituary for Shiıite leader.]
*  Millions of Shiite flux into al-Najaf, Karbalaa
*  Inside Saddam's World [Very long account of life in Iraq. Rather short on
political analysis. Extracts.]
*  'Happy are those' who see sites in Iraq
*  The Road of Death remembered [The massacre on the road to Basra, which
still hasnıt found an adequate chronicler.]


*  The siege of Baghdad
by Gay Alcorn
Sydney Morning Herald, 11th May
[A very long article summarising the present state of US policy but not I
think adding very much to our knowledge onthe subject. Concludes with the
remarkable statement from ex-Clinton adviser, Kenneth Pollack that Saddam
Œhas threatened or attacked every single one of Iraq's neighbours.ı Really?
Syria?, Jordan?, Saudi Arabia?, Turkey?]

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