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question? request? help...and Thank you

I am one of the moderator at Global Insight discussion room and I am  wondering if any one in this group  would also be interested to join our discussion group. I am looking for people who would not mind to spend some time in our discussion forum and answer  questions regarding the current  situation in Iraq and US policies toward Iraqi people.  The main issue that are currently being discussed in our discussion room is related to the situation between Palestinians and Israelis.  But I don't want us ignore and disregard what is happening in other parts this world . Every once in a while we get some questions and comments about Iraqi situation  which I think is not being pursuit enough( part of it is lack of knowledge and information about this country and the result of US sanctions on Iraqi people.). Right now , there is a question in our discussion room regarding US policies. Especially after Bush last speech, the state of the union address, I think people should be  more informed about what is going on in that country. I appreciate any help that we can get.
Thank you , the addresses below our to our site and our discussion room .

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