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can anyone translate an article from the Arabic?

Dear discussion list members,

The article that I append below claims that Azzaman, the London Arabic
daily, reported on the possibility of Iraqi concessions on arms inspections.
Would anyone be able to translate the original article from Arabic?  I
believe that the story is the first one on  If not, all the
pages for 11 December are available from  I would also be
interested in what is known about the newspaper as I don't know it.

Thank you in advance,

Colin Rowat

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Excerpt from unattributed report entitled: "[US Secretary of State Colin]
Powell from Moscow: No decision has been made yet concerning the possibility
of widening the anti-terrorism
campaign", published by London-based newspaper Al-Zaman on 11 December

London, Paris, Al-Zaman: Diplomatic sources in London have said that "[Iraqi
President] Saddam [Husayn] is trying to calm the situation down and is
offering to cooperate in return for lifting the sanctions and allowing his
regime to continue."

The sources revealed that signals were relayed to both London and Washington
from Baghdad in which the latter expressed "its willingness to accept the
return of UN inspectors to Iraq in
exchange for Washington abandoning its plans to topple Iraqi President
Saddam Husayn's regime".

The sources added that London is currently examining these signals which
also included other points concerning "Baghdad's willingness to hold a
dialogue on various issues and topics".
The source added that "London and Washington are unlikely to reach agreement
on accepting the Iraqi proposal".

The sources said that "it is too early to ascertain the nature of the
British response to Baghdad's concessions. However, it is a different matter
when it comes to the US response which will reject the offer, given the
predominance of the trend calling for the overthrow of Saddam and his

Meanwhile in Paris, French sources specializing in Iraqi affairs have said
that Moscow and Baghdad are currently examining "a plan for new Iraqi
concessions which may be acceptable to the United States", adding that the
Iraqi president "was given assurances by the Russian channels that Moscow
will abandon him should the United States launch a military operation
against Iraq".

Source: Al-Zaman, London, in Arabic 11 Dec 01

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