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Bush Comments on Targeting Iraq (26 Nov 01)
For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 26, 2001
President Welcomes Aid Workers Rescued from Afghanistan
Remarks by the President in Welcoming to the White House the Aid Workers
Rescued From Afghanistan
The Rose Garden
10:35 A.M. EST

Q    -- suggesting very strongly that Afghanistan is only the first step.
What would you say about Iraq, as you begin to look at the next steps in the
campaign against global terrorism?  What message would you like to send to
them now?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, my message is, is that if you harbor a terrorist,
you're a terrorist.  If you feed a terrorist, you're a terrorist.  If you
develop weapons of mass destruction that you want to terrorize the world,
you'll be held accountable.  And I also have said, as I recall at the White
House, we're going to make sure that we accomplish each mission that we
tackle.  First things first.

Now having said that, we, the coalition, has arrested over 300 people. I
can't wait to thank my friend, President Aznar of Spain, for having arrested
eight terrorists in Spain.  In other words, there is an international
drag -- international effort to bring people to justice.  And over 300
people that have been involved with al Qaeda have been brought to justice.
Terrorism is terrorism.  In this country, we'll deal with it.

Q    To follow up on Major's question.

THE PRESIDENT:  What was his question?

Q    Whether Iraq could be the next target of the anti-terror campaign.


Q    Does Saddam Hussein have to agree to allow weapons inspectors back into
Iraq?  Is that an unconditional demand of yours?

THE PRESIDENT:  Saddam Hussein agreed to allow inspectors in his country.
And in order to prove to the world he's not developing weapons of mass
destruction, he ought to let the inspectors back in.

Q    And if he doesn't, sir?


Q    And if he does not do that, sir, what will be the consequence? If he
does not do that, what will be the consequences?

THE PRESIDENT:  That's up for -- he'll find out.

Q    Sir, what is your thinking right now about taking the war to Iraq?  You
suggested that on Wednesday, when you said Afghanistan was just the

THE PRESIDENT:  I stand by those words.  Afghanistan is still just the
beginning.  If anybody harbors a terrorist, they're a terrorist.  If they
fund a terrorist, they're a terrorist.  If they house terrorists, they're
terrorists.   I mean, I can't make it any more clearly to other nations
around the world.  If they develop weapons of mass destruction that will be
used to terrorize nations, they will be held accountable.  And as for Mr.
Saddam Hussein, he needs to let inspectors back in his country, to show us
that he is not developing weapons of mass destruction.

Q    Mr. President, following up on that thought, when you initially made --
defined terrorism in your speech before Congress, you did not include them
as weapons of mass destruction.  Are you now extending this to countries
like North Korea, other places where we have had evidence over the years
that there's been development of such weapons?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, clearly, in terms of North Korea, we want North Korea
to allow inspectors in, to determine whether or not they are.  We've had
that discussion with North Korea.  I made it very clear to North Korea that
in order for us to have relations with them, that we want to know, are they
developing weapons of mass destruction?  And they ought to stop

So part of the war on terror is to deny terrorist weapons getting -- I mean,
weapons to be used for means of terror getting in the hands of nations that
will use them.  And so I'm not quite sure of the --

Q    I'm just asking if you've expanded your definition to countries who
don't just harbor terrorists, but also develop such weapons.

THE PRESIDENT:  Have I expanded the definition?  I've always had that
definition, as far as I'm concerned.

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