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Comments on terrorist attack on US by a former member of US armedforces

Dear CASI, Dear former member of the US armed forces

The terrorist attacks on the United States that took place on 11 September
were abhorant. Violence should always be condemned, especially when it is
committed against innocent civilians.

The United States has the legal legitimacy as well as a moral imperative
to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice. Indeed, the US is the
only country in the world that has the power to act in such a way as to
remove the threat of a repeat of this attrocity anywere in the world. To
this end, the US must analyse the hatred that must have existed in the
perpetrators of this inhumane act which was nihilistic to the extreme. As
the former member of the US armed forces points out, any motive for this
act of terrorism would not have been served since an act of such barbarity
would only strengthen the resolve of the world against the cause of its
perpetrators. This leads me to think that the perpetrators had in fact no
motive and only hatred. We must analyse that hatred in order to eliminate
it and its causes. This is what has been missing the the current solutions
being put forward in the media and in the letter of the former US military
member. It has in fact been missing from the US foreign policy with
regards to many issues, be it globalisation, the environment or the more
heated Middle East conflict.

If one suggests a more holistic, rather than a purely military response to
the attacks, one is not seeking to justify the attacks or to understand
the terrorists. Because no country in the world deserves to be the subject
of terrorist attacks. And there is no justification for the murder of
civilians by any individual, group or country. The status quo ante is too
dangerous to continue and we cannot stay silent if we see that the
solutions being put forward will not solve the problem of the threat of

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