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pressure your MP in advance of tomorrow's debate

Dear friends,

With the political establishment gearing up for military attacks on Iraq
(and others) in 'response' to Tuesday's atrocities, it's imperative that
those of us who are concerned about ordinary Iraqis pressure our MP's to
attend tomorrow's Parliamentary debate a speak out against such attacks.

One simple way of doing this is to use the web-site ,
which allows you to do exactly that.

Below, I've posted an extract from today's Times editorial and a sample text
for a fax to an MP.

Best wishes,


A. Excerpts from today's Times' editorial.

'There must be no melting into the Shadows when Washington  makes political
demands or takes military action - and it now must do both  - that will make
Europe unpopular with foul regimes.'

'Saddam remains a menace ... his existence proclaims to every Muslim the
impotence of the Western world - and by doing so, his continuation in power
makes Iraq the single greatest source of instability in the Middle East and
an encouragement to terrorists everywhere. Saddam is ... the free world's

B. Sample text.

As your constituent I am writing to you to urge that you participate in
tomorrow's emergency debate.

Firstly, to express your horror over Tuesday's atrocities and to offer your
condolences to those who have lost their loved ones.

Secondly, to stress that lashing out militarily is not the answer to these
terrible crimes. We must not respond to these evil acts by committing evil
acts of our own.

Attacking 'rogue states' will only cause the deaths of many more people, as
unconnected with terrorism as those murdered on Tuesday.

Thirdly, to stress the need to bring those responsible to justice in a court
of law.

I ask you to urge the Prime Minister to use non-military means to respond to
this terrible event and to work towards a world where we have *real*
security, based on justice, as opposed to what we have now: the illusion of
security, based on military might.

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