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request for Iraq footage

Dear friends,
We've just received the following request. If anyone can help, please e-mail Tobias at or phone him at the number he gives at the end of his e-mail.
Best wishes,
voices uk
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From: Tobias Hartman <>
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Date: 12 September 2001 19:31

Dear all,

I’m making a documentary about the Genoa anti G8 demos. Shot together with 3 freinds, it’s the final piece for my university course at Royal Holloway. Rather than an attempt to report cronologically what happened there, it is a personal account of the overall atmosphere. It is based around a handful of activists’ stories: One of the mothers from Argentina, A Uruguayan journalist for "Liberacion", A South African from Jubilee south, a Palestinian demonstrator and an Italian from "un ponte per.." (against the embargo on Iraq). Their stories or accounts and opinions are intertwined with archive from the struggles in question: The disappeared in South America, Madelaine Allbright stating that the price of over half a million dead children in Iraq due to the embargo was worth it etc…

Except for one track By Asian Dub Foundation "The colour line", all music is acoustic and "home made": Jew harp, tablas, and Allain rapping in French about the struggle of the Palestinians.

These accounts being the centrepiece are supported on a bed of footage of the anti G8 demos, so simultaneously as accounts unfold, the demos proceed. The connection between all these struggles and Genoa is made in a quite effective way.

The film is nearly edited, and is in the polishing phase, however it would benefit greatly from some brief footage of the consequences of the sanctions in Iraq. Therefore, I ask you if you have any footage of that, which I could use without having to pay copyright, as I would not be able to afford that.

If you could help us out with this it would be very appreciated, please e-mail or call 07940 147 854 (one2one)

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