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Re: Fw: Iraqi "Opposition"

Dear All
The vast majority of Iraqis in exiles do not recognise any opposition.
They consider, what is called the Official opposition, to be a bunch of
crooks, ex-Saddam agents and parasites prospering from the American
A large proportion of the opposition members were active Baathists who
terrorised Iraqis in exiles during the regimes Heydays in the 70s and
80s. Some of those were actively involved in the torture against
innocent Iraqis and participated in the active campaign to wipe out all
political opposition in Iraq in the late 60s and early 70s.
This is the main factor causing the apathy and disillusionment Iraqis
are stricken by, whether inside Iraq and in exile. They feel that they
are in a catch 22 situation, a brutal regime at home, and a corrupt,
potentially brutal opposition in the West who would not hesitate to
continue the same terror should they come to power. Wasn't it the West
who supported the regime from the beginning?

Allaa Al Haq

In message <000901c09a82$ebaec7a0$5d9ffea9@advent600>, Maureen Jalili
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>Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2001 7:07 PM
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>> Dear Tony
>> As far as I'm aware, the INC has always supported the NFZs & "safe
>> havens" policy, on the grounds of the protection it has afforded their
>> activities in Iraq -- see their statement of "general principles" at:
>> <>
>> particularly the section on SCR 688.
>> This has always (as far as I know) been coupled with ambiguity on
>> sanctions, geared towards their particular audience. They call for
>> alleviation of sanctions, whilst refusing to say what is needed
>> beyond oil-for-food (which they defend). Most of the time, their
>> statements sound like something straight out of the State Department. See
>> their statement at: <>
>> Please correct me if I've missed more direct or critical statements of
>> theirs.
>> The chap I think you were referring to is Sharif Ali bin al-Husayn, who's
>> the current spokesman. The statement is reported in "Iraqi opposition
>> backs strikes" at:
>> <>
>> Best
>> Glen.
>> On Sun, 18 Feb 2001, Tony D wrote:
>> >
>> > After the news of the bombing of Iraq, and the civilian casualties and
>deaths, there was an interview with a man claiming to represent the
>"official" Iraqi "opposition" based in London.  This man (Ali ?, possibly
>Ahmed Chalabi), said that they supported the bombing and the policing of the
>"no-fly" zones by the US and British military, and that it was all Saddam's
>fault, etc etc.
>> >
>> > If someone calling themselves the official Iraqi opposition is going
>publicly to support these bombings, and possibly even
>> > the sanctions, then this is a massively negative development.
>> >
>> > Could anyone talk to these people in London, or, if unsuccessful, at
>least explain to the rest of the world what their motivation may be?
>Apparently Chalabi is a huge crook who was sentenced in absentia in Jordan
>to 34 years
>> > hard labour.
>> >
>> > It is of concern that any good that comes out of publicizing the
>US/British war on Iraq may be overshadowed by this "official" group, saying
>"Don't worry, we support the bombings and the sanctions."  Other people may,
>of course, think there's nothing to worry about.
>> >
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