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Re: Iraqi "Opposition"

Dear Tony
As far as I'm aware, the INC has always supported the NFZs & "safe
havens" policy, on the grounds of the protection it has afforded their
activities in Iraq -- see their statement of "general principles" at:
particularly the section on SCR 688.

This has always (as far as I know) been coupled with ambiguity on
sanctions, geared towards their particular audience. They call for
alleviation of sanctions, whilst refusing to say what is needed
beyond oil-for-food (which they defend). Most of the time, their
statements sound like something straight out of the State Department. See
their statement at: <>
Please correct me if I've missed more direct or critical statements of

The chap I think you were referring to is Sharif Ali bin al-Husayn, who's
the current spokesman. The statement is reported in "Iraqi opposition
backs strikes" at:


On Sun, 18 Feb 2001, Tony D wrote:

> After the news of the bombing of Iraq, and the civilian casualties and deaths, there was an 
>interview with a man claiming to represent the "official" Iraqi "opposition" based in London.  
>This man (Ali ?, possibly Ahmed Chalabi), said that they supported the bombing and the policing of 
>the "no-fly" zones by the US and British military, and that it was all Saddam's fault, etc etc.
> If someone calling themselves the official Iraqi opposition is going publicly to support these 
>bombings, and possibly even
> the sanctions, then this is a massively negative development.
> Could anyone talk to these people in London, or, if unsuccessful, at least explain to the rest of 
>the world what their motivation may be?  Apparently Chalabi is a huge crook who was sentenced in 
>absentia in Jordan to 34 years
> hard labour.
> It is of concern that any good that comes out of publicizing the US/British war on Iraq may be 
>overshadowed by this "official" group, saying "Don't worry, we support the bombings and the 
>sanctions."  Other people may, of course, think there's nothing to worry about.

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