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Re: Khidhir Hamza online w/ Washington Post today (1PM EST)

> The former head of Iraq's nuclear program Khidhir Hamza will be Live Online
> on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 1 p.m. (EST) to talk about "Sadaam Hussein's nuclear
> ambitions". 

Thanks Drew.  I've just returned from a few days of meetings in New York.
While there I met with someone from Unmovic, the new weapons inspectors.
We talked, in part, about recent books on Iraq's weapons.  He mentioned
that Hamza never ran Iraq's nuclear weapons programmes.  

Hamza's book apparently has a variety of other flaws.  Two mentioned to me
(and I relay them without having checked them) include a passage
describing Hamza looking out of his office window in his 22 storey
building in Baghdad (Unmovic knows the building: it's eight stories) and
Hamza driving out of Baghdad and into the hills (there are apparently no
hills near Baghdad). 

The person with whom I spoke therefore wondered whether other facts in the
book had also been altered.  He was reasonably sure that some had been
written in by the co- or ghost-author.
Colin Rowat

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