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transcript of Clinton's radio interview 11-7-00

AMY GOODMAN: President Clinton, UN figures show that up to 5,000 
children a month die in Iraq because of the sanctions against Iraq. 

PRESIDENT CLINTON: (Overlap) That's not true. That's not true. And 
that's not what they show. Let me just tell you something. Before the 
sanctions, the year before the Gulf War, you said this ... how much 
money did Iraq earn from oil? Answer - $16 billion. How much money did 
Iraq earn last year from oil? How much money did they get, cash on the 
barrel head, to Saddam Hussein? Answer - $19 billion that he can use 
exclusively for food, for medicine, to develop his country. He's got more 
money now, $3 billion a year more than he had nine years ago. 

If any child is without food or medicine or a roof over his or her head in 
Iraq, it's because he is claiming the sanctions are doing it and sticking it 
to his own children. We have worked like crazy to make sure that the 
embargo only applies to his ability to reconstitute his weapon system 
and his military statement. This is a guy who butchered the children of 
his own country, who were Kurds, who were Shi'ites. 

He used chemical weapons on his own people, and he is now lying to the 
world and claiming the mean old United States is killing his children. He 
has more money today than he did before the embargo, and if they're 
hungry or they are not getting medicine, it is his own fault. 

AMY GOODMAN: The past two UN heads of the program in Iraq have 
quit, calling the US policy ... US/UN policy, genocidal. What is your 
response to that? 

PRESIDENT CLINTON: They're wrong! They think that we should 
reward ... Saddam Hussein says, I'm going to starve my kids unless you 
let me buy nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons. 
If you let me do everything I want to do so I can get in a position to kill 
and intimidate people again, then I will stop starving my kids. And so we 
are supposed to assume responsibility for his misconduct. That's just 
not right! I know they ... you know, the truth is a lot of these people want 
to start doing business with Saddam Hussein again because they want 
his money. 

And, and, you know, they want his ... the money he earns from oil. But 
the ... it is an absolute fact that he has more money today than he did 
before the embargo. So if any child is without food or medicine, it is 
because he has made a deliberate decision to let them die, to try to build 
up pressure to lift the embargo so he can spend that money however he 
wants. He doesn't want to spend that money on his people. He wants to 
spend that money to become the military dictator of the Middle East 

Now, if people want to let him do it, that's one thing. But, you know, I 
have consistently supported changing and relaxing the embargo since 
I've been President, to make absolutely sure that he had enough money 
and enough freedom in the use of the money to rebuild the country 
economically, and to try to feed those children and get them medicine. 
There were a lot of problems with the embargo in the beginning. There 
were legitimate criticisms. 

But he now has more money with the absolute freedom to spend it on 
food and medicine and development, and medical care of all kinds, than 
he did before the embargo was put in. That's the fact. No one can dispute 
that. So nobody can figure out why there are problems among the 
children except that he won't spend the money on them. 

He spends the money on his own military, on his own crowd and he 
avoids spending it on a lot of kids who need it so he can blame us, so he 
can actually get total control over his money, so he can rebuild his 

GONZALO ABURTO: Mr. President (Overlap) 

PRESIDENT CLINTON: And, you know, remember, this is the only guy, 
the only world leader today who has used chemical weapons on his own 
citizens. And the American people in my judgement should give him all 
the money he needs to take care of his kids. But should do everything 
we can, and even if we are alone, to try to stop him from being in a 
position of murdering his kids again, and murdering other children in the 
Middle East. That's what I believe.

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