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Re: [iac-disc.] transcript of Clinton's radio interview 11-7-00

Hey Ramsey,

thanks for posting this on the list!
I am sure Clinton knows that most of the points he made to defend the US
sanctions on Iraq are either outright false or at best misleading. It is
a revealing that the only way Clinton can support his inhuman policy is
by telling a lie.


Ramsey Kysia wrote:
> AMY GOODMAN: President Clinton, UN figures show that up to 5,000
> children a month die in Iraq because of the sanctions against Iraq.
> PRESIDENT CLINTON: (Overlap) That's not true. That's not true. And
> that's not what they show. Let me just tell you something. Before the
> sanctions, the year before the Gulf War, you said this ... how much
> money did Iraq earn from oil? Answer - $16 billion. How much money did
> Iraq earn last year from oil? How much money did they get, cash on the
> barrel head, to Saddam Hussein? Answer - $19 billion that he can use
> exclusively for food, for medicine, to develop his country. He's got more
> money now, $3 billion a year more than he had nine years ago.
> If any child is without food or medicine or a roof over his or her head in
> Iraq, it's because he is claiming the sanctions are doing it and sticking it
> to his own children. We have worked like crazy to make sure that the
> embargo only applies to his ability to reconstitute his weapon system
> and his military statement. This is a guy who butchered the children of
> his own country, who were Kurds, who were Shi'ites.
> He used chemical weapons on his own people, and he is now lying to the
> world and claiming the mean old United States is killing his children. He
> has more money today than he did before the embargo, and if they're
> hungry or they are not getting medicine, it is his own fault.
> AMY GOODMAN: The past two UN heads of the program in Iraq have
> quit, calling the US policy ... US/UN policy, genocidal. What is your
> response to that?
> PRESIDENT CLINTON: They're wrong! They think that we should
> reward ... Saddam Hussein says, I'm going to starve my kids unless you
> let me buy nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons.
> If you let me do everything I want to do so I can get in a position to kill
> and intimidate people again, then I will stop starving my kids. And so we
> are supposed to assume responsibility for his misconduct. That's just
> not right! I know they ... you know, the truth is a lot of these people want
> to start doing business with Saddam Hussein again because they want
> his money.
> And, and, you know, they want his ... the money he earns from oil. But
> the ... it is an absolute fact that he has more money today than he did
> before the embargo. So if any child is without food or medicine, it is
> because he has made a deliberate decision to let them die, to try to build
> up pressure to lift the embargo so he can spend that money however he
> wants. He doesn't want to spend that money on his people. He wants to
> spend that money to become the military dictator of the Middle East
> again.
> Now, if people want to let him do it, that's one thing. But, you know, I
> have consistently supported changing and relaxing the embargo since
> I've been President, to make absolutely sure that he had enough money
> and enough freedom in the use of the money to rebuild the country
> economically, and to try to feed those children and get them medicine.
> There were a lot of problems with the embargo in the beginning. There
> were legitimate criticisms.
> But he now has more money with the absolute freedom to spend it on
> food and medicine and development, and medical care of all kinds, than
> he did before the embargo was put in. That's the fact. No one can dispute
> that. So nobody can figure out why there are problems among the
> children except that he won't spend the money on them.
> He spends the money on his own military, on his own crowd and he
> avoids spending it on a lot of kids who need it so he can blame us, so he
> can actually get total control over his money, so he can rebuild his
> apparatus.
> GONZALO ABURTO: Mr. President (Overlap)
> PRESIDENT CLINTON: And, you know, remember, this is the only guy,
> the only world leader today who has used chemical weapons on his own
> citizens. And the American people in my judgement should give him all
> the money he needs to take care of his kids. But should do everything
> we can, and even if we are alone, to try to stop him from being in a
> position of murdering his kids again, and murdering other children in the
> Middle East. That's what I believe.
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