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RE: UN Compensation Commission

An interesting article. Perhaps we too should begin to draw parallels
between Iraq's case and that of Germany in the 1920s. The fact that it will
take until 2050 for the reparations to be paid off seems probably the most

However, I want to take issue with Peter's aside about 'we'. For two
reasons. The first is that although the UK is some kind of democracy (we
could go into the many ways whereby many decisions are not taken
democratically), this doesn't stop often large minorities within from having
their wishes and efforts over-ridden. 
I have no intention of identifing with these people who control the UK, even
though they're doing it with my taxes.

The second is more factual. The SNP and the Lib Dems have both declared
their opposition to the current sanctions policy. The Greens are against it
too. I'm not sure about Plaid Cymru, but I imagine they are also.  I'm not
sure about the SSP (should be), but I'd be shocked if they weren't. 

So of the parties with quasi-national representation, only Labour and the
Conservatives are in favour. I'm not sure if the UKIP has policy on it.
Together, this adds up to 'a substantial section of political life',
contrary to Peter's assertion.

        Chris Williams

> (A little digression on my use of the term 'we' and 'our'. In the course
> of
> the recent spat between John Smith and Larry McCain, the view was
> expressed
> that 'the enemy of humanity' was not the American people but the American
> government. The United States, however, is a democracy. So is the United
> Kingdom, which backs the US policy 100%. Neither in the US nor in the UK
> has
> any substantial section of political life expressed revulsion at the
> policy
> of mass starvation which is presently being conducted against Iraq. If the
> word 'democracy' means anything, we are, all of us, including the 'working
> class', responsible. And since we are so closely linked to the US, we
> cannot
> say that the US are more responsible, more deserving to be called 'enemies
> of hum<^ $p=\¿selves. It i<`t someone else who is doing this.)
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