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Re: Prayer for Peace

Dear Mayamin etc,

With respect, as a person whose religion means a great deal to them, I long
for a world in which different religions can respect each other not for a
world in which religion is abolished altogether. You are quite right. If it
was not religion that people fought in the name of, it would be something
else. I do not think that the conflict in Israel/Palestine has anything to
do with religion, it has been caused by greed and racism under the pretext
of a religious cause. I am not Palestinian, but when I am in Palestine and I
am stopped and questioned by Israeli security, it is not because they think
I am a Muslim or a Christian, it is because I look like an Arab and have an
Arabic-sounding surname written inside my passport. The prejudice is a
racial one.




--On 11 October 2000, 11:34 +0100 "Mayamin Dhall" <>

> Dear Brigitte,
> I completely agree with your sentiment. Like you I want to live in a world
> free from religion. But don't  you think that we humans would have
> something else to fight about?.
> I found out only yesterday that the Israeli authority have, in recent
> months, escalated their re-location policy in Jerusalem to a new high. 700
> homes have been demolished or are about to demolished.
> The Palestinians have been the majority  Jerusalem for over 2000 years.
> However, the Israelis for the past 50 years, have been steadily changing
> demographic nature of the city so that they become the majority. As part
> their aim to make it exclusively a Jewish capital. As this is an official
> policy, the Palestinians cannot challenge the authorities in courts. the
> entire state system conspires to defeat these people. They are always
> refused permits to build extensions in their homes or build new homes on
> land they own. the Land authority refuses to register the land in their
> names.  As for jobs the Israelis gives the Palestinians identity cards
> allows them to go to certain sections of the city where they work, mainly
> labourers. From what I know the Palestinians have skills and are often
> educated but only  few actually can get  jobs in highly skilled
> in Israel.
> Does not all this remind you of APARTHEID South Africa ?.
> I am not a Palestinian nor am I religious. But I find this an appalling
> abuse of basic human rights and decency. Unfortunately, some popular
> sections of the media, often portrays the Palestinians as angry, violent
> people. Is not the entire civil and criminal system in Israel based
> on discrimination assisted by the use of all forceful means ?. The Israeli
> authorities and extremist settlers are driven by hatred themselves. I have
> been talking to some settlers in a newsgroup and I have only once
> encountered such arrogant disregard for human life before. in the actions
> Saddam Hussein.
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>> Hello thank you for your info. I knew for a long time that the
> Palestinians
>> are not treated right. The US is only for Israel. There will never be
> peace.
>> Also I wish we did not have Religions it would make things more easy in
> the
>> world. We need to lift the sanction in Iraq all the children are dying
> there.
>> love Brigitte
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