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Re: Hamza's Sanctions Proposal

    The timing of the book and media coverage of the defector/author (including CBS 60-Minutes last nite)
is obviously an integral part of the US government's propaganda war that Berger and Cohen have been lamenting
they are losing ,(1) in the face of the growing international concerns for the astronomical death toll
among the Iraqi children, and (2) and the so-called "violations" of the US's 'No Fly and Free-Fire Zones'
over Iraq.   They might rightly be concerned that US bombs or missiles might cause an
international incident if they "accidentally" killed citizens of allied countries instead of the usually
targeted Iraqi civilians.
    Doesn't the US already know where all the "materials" came from?  Their allies owned up to supplying
Iraq --along with the US as the prime supplier-- of  components  for WMD in the early 1990's, and
lots of articles and books have already been written about it.
    Sources of and the exact nature of those materials was also the primary focus of the intrusive "inspections, "weapons destruction", paper chase and confiscations the CIA/UNSCOM agents indulged in.  Recall Albright's early statements specified her imperative that Iraq be stripped of all ability and mental capacity (i.e. human beings with scientific knowledge and ability) to ever develop the forbidden (allowable for the US and its allies) weapons again.  If the US cannot assassinate or kill the "possessors of  knowledge", and preventable diseases aren't eliminating them, than the next best game would be to entice them to the U.S. with promises of giving them "protection" and lucrative positions in  the U.S.'s massive War Industry where physical and mental "facilities" continue to develop ever more deadly WMD -chemical, biological and nuclear -  to use against their 'chosen' enemies.
    Regarding "Brain Drain," the US strips every country of its innermost scientific, secret and state files, and technology secrets when it gets done invading, occupying and overthrowing governments of its chosen "enemies." (Grenada, Panama and Haiti  in recent years come quickly to mind).   The book "Blowback" by Christopher Simpson details the human, documentary and 'intelligence' assets the U.S acquired after WWII, and Japan was likewise stripped of everything and its  human scientific and security personnel as well..
    It would be naive to believe that the UNSCOM "CIAcowboys" destroyed text books in Iraq's schools and universities, and that the Security Council  and "Sanctions Committee" have continued to forbid Iraq's acquisition of  the essentials materials, books and publications to rebuild the destroyed educational and medical facilities and acquire up-to-date text books (even for the elementary grades) and medical journals so desperately needed, for any other reason  than to "Dumb Down" the entire Iraqi population.
    U.S.-driven sanctions are destroying their bodies, and mental stimulation and knowledge must be curtailed and controlled.  The U.S. knew full well what it was doing when it bombed Iraq "Back into the Stone Age."  Clinton and his State Department and Security Council War Lords and planners are counting on desperate people who are watching their world and lives being destroyed grasping at straws - even from the destroyers of their country and mass killers and tormentors of  their own people.

Nathaniel Hurd wrote:

It is worth noting Khidir Hamza's policy proposal: "lift all sanctions from Iraq-provided Baghdad permits its senior nuclear scientists and their families to immigrate to the West." (Jonathan Broder, "Saddam's Bomb," The New York Times Magazine, 1 October 2000, pg. 43

If Hamza was in fact the director-general of Iraq's nuclear weapons program (and was able to give accurate “detailed briefings” to the CIA, Broder, pg. 43), then he knew the nuclear program's details and perhaps also those of the chemical, biological, and ballistic missile programs. Program knowledge would have most likely meant know from whom Iraq acquired non-conventional weapons-directed materials and technology, how that acquisition occurred, and what Iraq did to hide what it did not want known (both before and during UNSCOM's inspections).

Assume that Hamza probably knew about Iraq's acquisition and concealment. Hamza still advocates lifting "all sanctions" [quotes for Broder's words] in conjunction with expert immigration. Hamza seems to suggest that current sanctions in and of themselves do not, as the U.S. and UK governments claim, "contain" or impact the Iraqi Government's ability to significantly re-constitute non-conventional programs and weapons.

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