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Ann Clwyd comes to town

I have no problem with Ann Clwyd coming to air her views on Iraq.  I would
like to ask her why her desire to indict Saddam prevents her from
campaigning against sanctions at the same time. The answer seems to be
that, in her manichean world-view, there can be only one source of evil.  
Hence her opinion in Tribune, 19/2/99, apparently copying a Foreign Office
form letter:

"Saddam Hussein is responsible for his people's suffering - not the rest
of the world. There is no valid reason why Iraqi hospitals should not
have enough medicines to treat even the most serious cases. Food and
medicines have been exempt from sanctions from the start. Since 1991,
the UN has allowed Saddam the opportunity to sell oil - provided the
proceeds are used only for the Iraqi people and are not diverted to his
war machine. For five years, he deliberately refused to do so.

The oil for food programme has recently been expanded so that Iraq can
sell $10.6 billion worth of oil every six months in exchange for food
and medicines. Iraq is now able to export 85 per cent of its pre-sanctions
level of oil. Even allowing for the amount used to compensate victims
of Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, there should be more than enough
supplies for the Iraqi people."

AS for Clwyd's other credentials, some of them mentioned by Alan - in the
past she has done sterling work on Kurds and pit closures. I don't
remember her as an anti-apartheid activist, though no doubt she'd have
done the right thing if asked.  These days she tends to stick to softer
issues, like Indict, disability and battery hens.

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