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Re: Amnesty Petition - UK members PLEASE READ

I sent this a year ago and got no reply - not even an 

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From:                   Self <mark>
Subject:                Iraq
Date sent:              Thu, 18 Feb 1999 19:01:46

I am very concerned that AI seems to have done nothing about the 
situation in Iraq.

The US and the UK are maintaining a ferocious assault on the Iraqi 
people and their fundamental human rights. The main instrument has 
been the sanctions which cannot be relaxed as these two states hold a 
veto in the UN Security Council. This follows the Gulf War when 
civilian infrastructure was deliberately targetted eg sewage 
treatment, power generation, water works - as an instrument of terror 
against the whole population.

I realise that AI would find it difficult to prevent this type of 
military action by the US but I think that it is vital to campaign 
against sanctions which are deliberately targetting civilinas.

Could you please address this issue?

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Mark Parkinson

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