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CASI discussion list archive

Hi all,

The automatic archiving of this discussion list onto the World Wide Web is
currently performed via a server which I will not have access to for much
longer. I would therefore like to ask whether anyone out there has the
necessary expertise and access to suitable equipment to look after the
archiving of the list in future.

You would probably need the following: 

 a) access for the forseeable future to a reliable server with a permament
connection to the internet, which runs a public web server and can receive
emails. Probably it would need to be running the unix operating system
(e.g. linux) and you'd need at least 20Mb of space to store the archive
(possibly plus some more for the necessary software).

 b) Sufficient expertise to be able to fix any problems with the automatic
archiving, i.e. being familiar with Unix shell scripts, basic HTML, etc.

If anyone thinks they might be able to help with this, please contact me

If no-one can help, then all is not lost: it will be possible to transfer
the archive to a free public archiving service. The disadvantage of doing
this would be that it would then be impossible to remove something from
the archive if somebody really, really regretted posting something (e.g.
if someone accidentally posted to the list a highly personal message)



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