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Re: Scott Ritter

I'll just reply very briefly to one important point:

>On Ramsey Clark
>Ritter: I wouldn't be in touch with Ramsey Clark  I fought in the Gulf
>I was in that war, I know what went on during that war, and we're not war
>criminals. I'm not a war criminal. And none of the people I served with
>war criminals. And yet he's accusing the United States of committing war
>crimes because A-10 aircraft fired depleted uranium shells at Iraqi
>That's horribly irresponsible.

In actual fact, Clark et. al's allegations of war crimes - which include
the sanctions themselves as a war crime - are more detailed and
wide-ranging than that. See this report, fronted by a disturbing

Also note that Noam Chomsky alleges that "If the Nuremberg standards [for
war crimes] were applied today, every post-war American president would
have to be hanged." This is no unsubstantiated generalisation. Chomsky has
written over 30 books on the subject of US foreign policy and the
corporate propaganda system, which provide copious evidence for this
claim; he is widely regarded as one of the best and most incisive
left-wing US political writers of this century. Many of his books can be
read online at:

Chomsky's work is important because, as he and other students of media
propaganda such as Herman frequently point out, supression of political
dissent in "liberal democratic" societies does not operate so much by
overt propaganda, as it would under totalitarianism, but by the more
sophisticated method of framing discourse in terms of implicit assumptions
which are always presupposed and rarely even made evident, let alone
directly challenged (I have a short article which explains this a little
bit more - email me if interested). Reading Chomsky helps to break out of
these preconceptions, some of which are fairly obvious, others of which
are unquestioned even by quite dissident thinkers.


P.S. Human Rights Watch and Ritter should perhaps both try to get hold of
the report "Depleted Uranium - a Post-War Disaster for Environment and
Health". The US can hardly plead ignorance, as it has conducted
experiments in radioactive warfare, on its own citizens! More details to
follow soon when I track them down.

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