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US News Articles/Editorials on Iraq Sanctions/Policy

To CASI List members,

The following are editorials/columns in North American electronic
newspapers of seemingly varied political stripe. The articles appeared
between Jan 22 - 25th 2000 - and I thought that the CASI list might be 
interested. Could this be mounting press pressure - or at least 
awareness? I have sent the same material to Colin Rowat.

1. The Capital Times Editorial - electronic newspaper from Madison
Wisconsin. Follow up story and comment to Svend Robinson's visit to Iraq
(Jan 26th 2000)

2. "Try explaining to an Iraqi mother why her child is dead". Column in
Orlando Sentinel. More reference to Svend Robinson's visit. (Jan 27th

3. "Dr. Albright's dosage of sanctions doesn't really work". Column in
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Reference to articles published in "Annals
of Internal Medicine" (Jan 22nd 2000)

4. "A SHAMEFUL POLICY ON IRAQ". Chicago Tribune. Editorial Column (Jan
25th 2000).,2669,SAV-0001250106,FF.html 


Peter R. Griffith :-)
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